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Kimberly DiStefano
  • Female
  • Arlington, TX
  • United States

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Profile Information

Name / Initiated name
Kimberly for Krishna
Daily number of rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra.
Was 18 but working has changed my routine - getting back on the wagon slowly.
When, where and how did you come into contact with the Hare Krishna Movement?
I was searching for something for many years-even what feels like my whole life thus far; delving into Buddhism/Jainism/Impersonal spirituality through other yoga systems but found myself stuck in a disturbed spiritual cycle. In February 2017 I began a relationship which introduced me to the Hare Krishna Temple in my home town of Dallas by way of Kalachandji's restaurant. I was searching for something so long and it was right there. After being abandoned, losing my mother to Lupus, nervous breakdown at work and death of a dear friend I was inconsolable. In October 2017 there was a decision to make - end my life or live my life for a new purpose... and I made the desperate decision to seek shelter at the only place that gave me peace - The temple that I had previously only gone to eat at. Krishna had Mercy and allowed me to come back to his Lotus feet that day-Krishna was calling me back through Prabhupada though I didn't know a thing. Through my broken, hardened heart I decided it was time to dedicate my life to pleasing God and Guru fully. I cherish the devotees that supported me during the darkest time of my life and those that are a part of my growing Krishna consciousness today.
Name the nearest or most frequently Visited ISKCON temple/ centre and name few of the devotees whom you know.
Home Temple is Dallas Kalachandji RadhaKrishna Temple
Nityananda Chandra Granger
Bhagavat Ananda
Devotee Jason Starkey
Mataji Vrinda Priya
Please describe yourself so that other like minded devotees can find you.
I am a servant of Krishna who enjoys reading so many books by HH Srila Prabhupada especially BG, taking/reviewing/applying the copious notes I take from online Lectures from Mother Urmila Devi Dasi and HG Mahatma Das who both helped save and soften my heart and soul, singing for Krishna even if out of tune to all kinds of Bhajan music, improving/learning/ practicing my Sanskrit and studying the grammar as best I can without formal classes, also watching KC YouTube videos, educating on the major life altering differences between Bhakti Topmost Yoga System and American Yoga systems - I started with Hatha and Astanga (wish I hadn't). My new favorite songs are Jai Jai Krishna 108 Names by Ruupa Raaman and Gaiea Sanskrit Bhagavad Gita verses by Gabriella Burnel on YouTube makes me Sooo Joyful I play it on repeat and I love to say Lord Krishnas names and learn at the same time, also Madhurastakam by harivallabha official...her voice is of an angel! I also loooove the Prayers by Women tracks by Karnamrita Dasi. I love to learn everyday about Prabhupada, Krishna, Rhadharani and make pleasing them the purpose of my days.
What are your expectations from this community?
A place where I can find the words of Krishna when I feel I cannot find them myself and am falling down. I expect Krishnas words to be employed by all as best we can and for all to chant rounds as prescribed - 16 at the least as Prabhupada states. I will Not provide external email, phone, contact info of any kind so please do not inquire - it is pointless; I wish only to discuss KCON topics here in genuine association.
Describe any specific service you would love to offer to Lord Krishna & His devotees?
Oh gosh there are so many .. I beg for the mercy to clean the Dallas Radha Kalachandjis temple and serve the Devotees there which I feel is where my heart is, cook prasadam for ALL, help care for cows maybe at New Talavan or one day at Care for Cows in India, also be a part of Padma,Inc to restore the holy places. Seva for Widows of Vrindavan and Cow Protection is on my heart mostly. I am learning deeper levels of my servant role every day. I beg Mercy of Krishna that I can attend Temple of Vedic Planetarium Grand Opening in 2022- Krishna has allowed me to achieve my hope in January of donating for One Sq foot and I pray that I can do that again and again..maybe even a Golden Brick soon. I am a Vegan and I ask humbly to be able to include Freight Farm in my future to grow food Year Round for the Temple & DFW community...or any community he sees fit. Lord Krishna I beg you to allow me to serve in so many ways especially by feeding the hungry as I have dreamed and felt was my calling since childhood.

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At 1:42pm on October 8, 2018, Parshant Jindal said…

hare krishna

At 8:42am on February 1, 2018,
Ram Charan Das

Dear Kimberly DiStefano Mataji,  Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I am very happy to accept your friends request, please let me know if I can be of any service to you in your Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.

At 11:28pm on January 31, 2018,
Ram Charan Das

Hare Krishna dandvats, Mataji. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I do hereby wish you all the best in Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.

At 7:00am on January 26, 2018,
Swastikā Devi Dāsi

Hare Krsna dear Kimberly mataji

You can comtact me on my email id-


Swastikā Devī Dāsi 

At 5:27am on January 26, 2018, prabhakar kulkarni said…

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram Hare Hare. 


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