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Charan Tripathi's Questions

Mind and brain

Started this Krishna conscious discussion. Last reply by Bharat May 22. 7 Replies

Hare krsna to all Vaishnavas and vaishnavis.Pls accept my humble obesiances.All glories to srila prabhupadIn my school I was explaining the concept of body, mind, intelligence and soul, to one of my…Continue


Started this Krishna conscious discussion. Last reply by Charan Tripathi May 15. 7 Replies

Hare krsna to all vaishnavas and vaishnavavis.I offer my respectful obesiances into all of u, pls kindly accept it.We all know what krsna has said in bhagavad gita:- "The consciousness created at the…Continue

Maha Maya (The illusionary energy of Lord)

Started this Krishna conscious discussion. Last reply by Gayatri Apr 28. 3 Replies

Hare krsna to all Matajis and prabhujis.Pls kindly accept my humble obesiances.All glories to srila prabhupadMy question are as follows:-1) Does this Maya or the illusionary energy of the lord know…Continue

How to stay focussed for 14 hrs in performing PRESCRIBED DUTY??

Started this Krishna conscious discussion. Last reply by Charan Tripathi Jan 17. 7 Replies

Hare krsna mataji and prabhuji and Aapke chrnoon mein sat sat pranam.So, my question is how to stay focussed for 14hrs In performing PRESCRIBED DUTY.I am preparing for IIT-JEE and I did not do a lot…Continue


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Shree Shree Radha Damodar Vaidic Sansckruitic Kendra
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I am a neophyte devotee engaged in krsna's service since 3 years
What are your expectations from this community?
To work hard and spread krsna consiousness among entire humanity.
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At 2:50am on May 23, 2019, Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa said…
Jay jay Sri Jagannatha perfect question & a perfect answer!
At 4:48am on May 13, 2019, Kelsey mataji said…

Hare Krishna Charan prabhuji....

Please accept my humble obeisances. I pray your sadhana is going very well. I have been missing your association. May you always take shelter of Sri Sri Radha Madhava.

Your servant,

Kelsey mataji

At 8:25am on February 19, 2019, Kelsey mataji said…

Hare Krsna prabhu. Thank u for ur constant support and association. May Krsna bless you.

At 12:51pm on December 14, 2018, Anusha TR said…

Hare Krsna Prabhuji, 

Please accept my humble obeisances 

Thanks for the friend request and thanks for coming to IDT. Its like a gurukul. May you be blessed with Krishna's mercy... 

Please listen to the below lecture as well, 

About who saved Draupadi. Lord Krishna is non different from His holy name. Lord Krsna Himself told Draupadi Maata that you were saved from that intense situation by Me. Krishna has put His complete potency in the Holy name. That's why when she calls out , Govinda raising her hands in full surrender, He sends over layers and layers of saree. Keep listening and chanting. 

Your servant 

At 10:47am on December 13, 2018,
Ram Charan Das

Dear Charan Tripathi Prabhuji,  Hare Krishna. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I am very happy to accept your friends request, please let me know if I can be of any service to you in your Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.

At 11:40pm on December 8, 2018, Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa said…
Accually I don't need to dabate, arguing about the comparable Glorys of Krishna, The ansesters & divine stratums or theirin is all so superfluous*because of one thing. Miyah is amost crule Task master. As are the core "quid'Pro-quo feelings that Only The Head God accually Sincerly Unconditiomal Love for uss Ji Nemi ji Neti.investing in BhaktiDarma is a Great Use of time & Like ShenZhen ChiGong / energy Working, exciting for the Spirit's/Morral. However to *Safely Commune Unconditionally within this inviernment without Sinsear Sovern Protection, ji Sri Vishnu Ji-Rama ji Rahdha Hare!
Hince by no circumstance is not likely that by any other means will one accually befriend Krishna by other means (KeyWords) the One True Sovern/ God at Hi's most High, Bringing-it(full-on 100.% & besides all that, God said That He Himself will personally acompony us by dispatching all ill-faited attachments distractions & Anxietys of any Natuer & Of any natuer. Hence exposing the false-Ego Self to "Conclusive Truth" & faced with it's insignificance Some readdaly except this intellectual use of the, this life-energy-time&focius/devotion/work. So is Krishna & HI'S SCHOOL-
"ISKCON TRULY'"THE ONE Highest Truth, the one safe healing teaching freely & permently giving aspect of all divinity? Yes* I would Say So, - Yes there is No other way(s) espesshely in thi. Age of ''demineshed capacities" of man. We need a GameChanger, not just a peaceful seat in the stands. SLAVERY of the Mind Doe's accoritly devine the other And as the best gifts are those that will never diminish & will always grow. Respect & honor everyone but Worship Only God & dp NO Harm within Hi's Creation is another Credo of Taw "The Way of Truth, The Greater Good & the way of natuer, in otherWords The great fruits of. "Support ofNature's intelligence instead of it's distain. AnyWay that's another horse! Thx 4-the shar!
At 5:41am on December 4, 2018, Walter Cloud ShaktimanahDasa said…
I pray U-Krishna let Us follow U-into Sankierton yugnah & do battal with the prechings & teachings of foolish cheeters.

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