Trnavarata 1

Hare Krsna everyone..

Firstly.. I felt intensely to sketch some wicked powered villain and the first one who came to my mind was Trnavarta with his awesome and devastating tornedo creating jutsu

I created this one page which, in its essence, delineates whats going to happen in future (if any!)

Krishna, as you can see in the manga page here, is portraying transcendental anger when he sees Trnavarta causing devastation to the entire vraja dham with his twisters...

Oh Trnavarta going to get it..BIG TIME!!

Hope you all enjoy this small time render.. and no offence was intended during creation of this manga comic page..

Time taken: approx. 3 hours or so

Tools: MangaStudio EX4, Intuos4 tablet

Hari Hari

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