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Siva summons Virabhadra

Hare Krsna everyone,

I decided to draw another epicness, and if you are interested to know the context in which this painting was done, plz read below:

"Lord Siva, being extremely angry, pressed his lips with his teeth and immediately snatched from his head a strand of hair which blazed like electricity or fire.

A fearful black demon as high as the sky and as bright as three suns combined was thereby created, his teeth very fearful and the hairs on his head like burning fire. He had thousands of arms, equipped with various weapons, and he was garlanded with the heads of men.

When that gigantic demon asked with folded hands, “What shall I do, my lord?” Lord Siva, who is known as Bhutanatha, directly ordered, “Because you are born from my body, you are the chief of all my associates. Therefore, kill Daksa and his soldiers at the sacrifice.”

Many other soldiers of Lord Siva followed the fierce personality in a tumultuous uproar. He carried a great trident, fearful enough to kill even death, and on his legs he wore bangles which seemed to roar.

The gigantic black man bared his fearful teeth. By the movements of his brows he scattered the luminaries all over the sky, and he covered them with his strong, piercing effulgence. Because of the misbehavior of Daksa, even Lord Brahma, Daksa’s father, could not have been saved from the great exhibition of anger.

After everything was executed exactly as directed by Lord Siva, Daksa’s body was joined to the head of the animal meant to be killed in the sacrifice.

This time, all the demigods and great sages were very careful not to irritate Lord Siva. Therefore whatever he asked was done. It is specifically said here that Daksa’s body was joined to the head of an animal (a goat).

When the animal’s head was fixed on the body of King Daksa, Daksa was immediately brought to consciousness, and as he awakened from sleep, the King saw Lord Siva standing before him.

At that time, when Daksa saw Lord Siva, who rides upon a bull, his heart, which was polluted by envy of Lord Siva, was immediately cleansed, just as the water in a lake is cleansed by autumn rains."

Hopefully you enjoyed this short pastime, which shows the power of Lord Shiva, the annihilator of cosmos! :)

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