Rukmini letter writing

Hare krsna everyone.. the theme of the pic is as below:

' Rukmini was the reservoir of all transcendental qualities and was to be the wife of Lord Sri Krsna. But due to some kingdom politics she was being prepared to be married with Sisupala, the arch enemy of Krsna. When she heard of this news, she became very morose and sorrowful. She decided that there was no use in simply being morose and wanted to take some steps immediately. After some deliberation, she decided to send a message to Krsna, and so that she might not be deceived, she selected a qualified brahmana as her messenger to deliver the letter which she wrote to Krsna.'

Hope you all shall relish this theme as well as the artwork.. May the Lord bless us all with transcendental knowledge and vision to lead our lives in this quarrelsome and degrading age of Kali!

Tools: PS CS5, Intuos4 tablet

Time taken: approx. 6.5 hours (including lineart)

Hare krsna

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