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Indra vs Virtrasura_Battle Finale

Hare krsna yet again...

I just could not stop myself somehow from sketching the part two after the previous one...

I loved how the end result turned out to be. The ferocious battle between Lord Indra and the temporarily demonaic Virtrasura... Indra was almost hopeless of his victory over this demon, and was getting scared and that is when the demon himself revealed to Indra that he need not be scared and that he (Indra) has the most powerful weapon forged by Visnu Himself – The Vajra bolt!

He hinted Indra to use it and this image is when Indra unleashes the Vajra

Actully, appearances can be very deceiving, and this demon Virtrasura is not exactly a demon by heart, but to end his curse in a demon body, he needed to be killed by only Vajra bolt to the heart. He wanted to end this curse, and thus aided Indra.

P.S. Even though he looks fierce, its all acting to get Indra pumped up, but in heart he was waiting anxiously to quit this demonic body.

Hope you all shall relish this artwork.

Hari Hari Bol :)

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