kamlesh patel replied to vibhooshankrishnadas's discussion How to stop cow slaughter
"Hare Krishna

The first step in stopping cow slaughter is that Devotees stop buying leather items like car seats, sofas etc.. We have to set a good example for others to follow. It is unfortunate that leather is the favorite sofa choice for 99% of H…"
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kamlesh patel replied to aakash menon's discussion 90% Fear of God and 5% Atheist and 5% Love of God
"Hare Krishna

it is very much true that most people follow religion out of fear of hell and man made up god(s) who use fear to get followers.


Only Lord Krishna does not use fear to get fo…"
Nov 26, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to harish's discussion In a dilemma
"Hare Krishna

Too much hype is not good for us. Many preachers are hyped up and by associating them we also become hyped up. Keep away from bad association and also wrong association (hyped up people).

We have to balance the spiritual and material…"
Nov 3, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Kapil Dev's discussion Ex Monk
"Hare Krishna

Some people join a group and then after some time they leave. This is because of at least the following reasons:

1. They never truly understood the philosophy.
2. Bad treatment by others in the group.
3. The group is unable to cultiva…"
Oct 18, 2019
kamlesh patel commented on ISKCON Derire Tree's blog post Interfaith Dialogue 2019 at ISKCON Rohini
"Hare Krishna

Truthfulness is the first pillar of Sanatan-Dharma, based on the Shrimad-Bhagavatam and also supported by the Bhagavad-Gita. I will state the truth.

Meaning of Islam and Muslim

Based on the Quran, Islam does not mean peace.
Islam mea…"
Sep 27, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to aakash menon's discussion Grihasta family problems
"Hare Krishna

Aakash prabhu has spoken the truth. Most so-called devotees will ignore this truth. Ignorance and negligence will catch up.

There is no family life teachings, this is the problem. It's all about God God God without His practical teach…"
Sep 8, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Arjun Saxena's discussion Destruction of various temples by outsiders.
"Hare Krishna

Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad-Gita to get Arjuna to fight for the right cause. When the demonic invade, we must fight and stop them. Otherwise they will take over, kill, rape, convert by force, and destroy Temples. The Bhagavad-Gita…"
Sep 2, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Kapil Dev's discussion Bhagavad Gita Chap[ter 3, Verse 14
"Hare Krishna

"All living bodies subsist on food grains, which are produced from rains. Rains are produced by performance of yajña [sacrifice], and yajña is born of prescribed duties." (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 3.14)

Without performing Yagnas, t…"
Aug 23, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Ernesto Chongtham's discussion Clearing doubts!
"Hare Krishna
The probability of any soul with marginal energy falling is 1, given that time is eternal and the soul is eternal.If you look at a long time period (zillions to the power of zillions years).

The fact is that all souls have marginal ene…"
Jul 26, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Ernesto Chongtham's discussion Clearing doubts!
"Hare Krishna
Q How did the infallible pure devotees/pure soul at some point in time fell?
1. Please watch 'going Back to Godhead' video:
2. We are the soul which is spiritual but it…"
Jul 20, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to abhishek's discussion kali will only enter if quarrel among devotees.
"Try searching at :
Jul 20, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Shiva Thakur's discussion Past wrongs
"Hare Krishna

1. We have to be practical. Purity is not measured by quantity of service but quality or sincerity of service. In homes where there is meat, only offer fruit, tulsi, and water. No cooked foods.
2. Try to make the children understand wh…"
Jul 20, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Nick's discussion Origin of Vedas
"Hare Krishna
1. The Vedas were manifested at creation of the universe, 155.522 trillion years ago.
2. The Vedic knowledge is the oldest and the scriptures of all other religions have many elements of the Vedic knowledge, because they were followers…"
Jul 20, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to amadeo's discussion Initiation outside iskcon
"Hare Krishna
The teaching of the Bhagavad-Gita is to see everyone equally, treat everyone equally, and serve all from all groups (Das/Dasi of everyone).
Most do not follow this teaching. It would not be easy for a disciple from group  x to serve in…"
Jul 20, 2019
kamlesh patel replied to Sainikhil's discussion dedicating life in grihastha ashram
"Hare Krishna

1. Marry first and then see what the partner says. Don't jump to conclusions before marriage. The partner may not agree with your proposals.
2. The Temples are always looking for donations and so don't expect any Temple to support you…"
Jul 20, 2019