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new delhi


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Name / Initiated name
charusmita gulliya
Daily number of rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra.
When, where and how did you come into contact with the Hare Krishna Movement?
attending sunday classes held by Sri Jitamitra Prabhu since 2009 in ISKCOn east of Kailash. came here in distress & found solace after listening 2 d lectures on Srimad Bhagwad Gita & Srimad Bhagwatam. I also watch ISKCON, vrindavan Live Tata Sky Actve Darshan. Offer Kartik Deepdaan, listen 2 d Damodarashtakam, distribute Srimad Bhagwat Gita on Gita Marathon in December.
Name the nearest or most frequently Visited ISKCON temple/ centre and name few of the devotees whom you know.
East of Kailash
Please describe yourself so that other like minded devotees can find you.
आदौ देवकिदेविगर्भजननं गोपीगृहे वर्धनम
मायापूतनजीवितापहरणं गोवर्धनोद्धारणम् ।
कंसच्छेदनकौरवादिहननं कुंतीसुतां पालनम्
एतद्भागवतं पुराणकथितं श्रीकृष्णलीलामृतम् ॥
What are your expectations from this community?
wish 2 purify myself thru d satsanga, chanting & devotion.
yo madbhakteh sa me priyeh!
Describe any specific service you would love to offer to Lord Krishna & His devotees?

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    Ram Charan Das

    Hare Krishna dandvats, Mataji. Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. I do hereby wish you all the best in Krishna consciousness, Gauranga, Radhe Radhe, Hari Bol! Hare Krishna.