Rankin Fisher

Saint John, KS

United States

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Name / Initiated name
Rankin Fisher
Daily number of rounds of Hare Krishna mahamantra.
When, where and how did you come into contact with the Hare Krishna Movement?
April of 1986. San Diego State University; "Festival of India".
I joined the F.O.L.K. Program (Friends of Lord Krishna) on June 6, 1986.
Name the nearest or most frequently Visited ISKCON temple/ centre and name few of the devotees whom you know.
Shri-Shri Radha-Giridhari Mandir, San Diego Ca USA
Please describe yourself so that other like minded devotees can find you.
I am interested in aiding the development of the Global Congregation of ISKCON.
What are your expectations from this community?
Since I have not been in a position to associate with local devotees for some time & only get to Temple on rare occasions, this network is my association. I feel gratified and encouraged as I visit various discussions and download devotional videos and pictures. Since joining this devotee network, my mornings before work have become full of devotional elements which the Desire Tree members have contributed. Thanks!

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  • Volunteer

    kŗşņa dasa

    Hare krsna Rankin prabhu,

    Thanks for your friend request. I accept with great pleasure to associate with you.

    Hare krsna.

  • madhav

    Rankin Prabhu chanting hare Krishna along with shaktipath saadhna speeds up the process to attain liberation or moksha
  • Nitin sharma

    Radhe radhe ,
    I want to join iskcon temple as a servant in usa please give me the permission to join for giving my best volunteers.