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Doctor I am   26years old . I am getting a sort of nerve pain on my entire left side of the body.The pain is in neck,  my left arm,left side of back and from lower left back to toe.Sometimes the left side feels so heavy.i am feeling my left side of the body not equally functional as my right hand side.

When i consulted doctors i got different opinions,like 1)its becoz of a nerve getting pressed between vertebrae 2)its coz of sciatic nerve 3)its coz of knots in the nerves.....

Right now i am  just doing some exercises and no other medication. my condition is getting worse.

Please help. 

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Hare Krishna Mataji,

Hope you are better now. If you still have the problem user Panchgavya therapy to cure the illness

1. Ayur Ghee nasal drops - 2-2 drops twice daily

2. Panchgavya ghrit (ghee) - 1 spoon with milk at night before going to bed

3. Panchgavya Ghanvati  - 2 tablets twice daily after food with warm water.

These medicines should be available in your temple store or you care get from a good Goshala. Alternatively you can order online from Iskcon devotee

Hare Krishna.


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