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The ABTN is committed to understanding, researching and propagating Absolute Truth. To meet its objectives it has a blog Tattvaprakashika and a forum Tattvavicharana and this wiki Tattvakosha. The Forums is meant for informal discussions of ideas, questions within the scope of the Absolute Truth network etc. The blog is little more refined information, it can have relevant news, topics and conclusions that came out of the churning in the forums or compiled on purpose. So the wiki is meant to have refined established, authentic information on the grade of the wikipedia encyclopedia.
Please see for more details. Please help in proagating Absolute Truth.

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Hare Krishna.
Dear Lakshmi Nrsinghadeva Prabhuji, Pranam.
Prabhuji, thank you very much joining us. Above mention website is excellent!!!! It gives lots of knowledge and will be helpful for sincerely inquisitive souls.
Please always encourage us by your kind association.
Your servant,
Gaur-gadadhar das


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