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The most important thing for the public life of a child is to control whom he socializes with. Many parents think it doesn’t matter whom he socializes with. In reality, this isn’t the case. If a child has a bad social contact, then you have to immediately put an end to it. This is an important principle for upbringing. Its essential to put a choice before the child: either me, or this friend of yours. Whomever a person interacts with is from whom he will adopt character traits. If your child falls into bad company, then the fruits of your upbringing will be destroyed very soon. He will degenerate as an individual. All of your efforts will come to nothing and you will not be able to do anything, not for the better, nor for the worse. This interaction will change him very quickly. Therefore, it is essential to set conditions: either him or me. In Vedic society, there still exist such provisions, that a Father can turn his child out of the house. And no one has the right to interfere. There are no problems with this. If the child doesn't want to listen, if the child doesn't want to live like a human being, then the father gives him complete freedom: «Go. Have fun! Whether you become a pauper or someone else. That’s your problem». And such a child, when he leaves home, is no longer considered a human being. That’s it. On this note end all of his plans for a bright future. He becomes homeless and eats excrement. That is why children, knowing perfectly well about this, were very scared. When such an issue was put forth, the parents were unyielding. And for this, the children also respected their parents. Of course, you can't act as in Vedic society because we don’t have a harmoniously ordered society and there is no social safety-net for families. But nevertheless it is necessary to dedicate significance of the first order to the question of a child’s social circle. But there is no need to enter into hysterics. You just need to punish with silence and so on, but no need to get fixated on results in order for the child to simply learn whom to interact with.

References: Dr. Torsunov - (His Grace Audarya Dhama Prabhu)

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