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Now your questions. Oo - ooh! At last, we can relax! (Laughter) You yourselves wanted to listen to this topic, I didn't force you. We reviewed some issues very briefly and superficially since there wasn’t much time. Therefore, ask if you still don't understand something.
QUESTION: You said that parents always exert influence on their children. But when a father abandons his family, how then does he exert influence on a child?
ANSWER: The mother should know that the father will nevertheless act on the child. Its essential to cultivate a respectful attitude towards the father and say that Father would have acted this way in this case. No need to say that Daddy is a good for nothing. If the child is a son, then with such an approach, he will also grow up to be a good for nothing. When a child hates his parents in his mind and insults them mentally, then he adopts all of their bad qualities. Contact takes place between the child and father, but already with a minus sign. If you say that he is a good person, that it simply turned out this way, that we separated, then in this case, you are cultivating positive contact between the father and the child and he will acquire only positive qualities from the father. The contact will remain nevertheless; you can’t get away from it.
QUESTION: And if a daughter stays with the mother?
ANSWER: If you don't cultivate within her a good relationship towards the father, then she will hate her future husband as a personification of her father.
QUESTION: But what if the husband is truly bad?
ANSWER: As regards this, I can say that this very rarely happens in a family, that someone is good and someone is bad. People simply copy one another. But the secret lies in that the woman doesn't have overt qualities insomuch as her nature is passive, while the man has obvious qualities, since his nature is active. And a woman chooses herself the kind of husband, in whom are active the qualities she has passively. At first, these qualities attract her and then she suffers from them, although she chose them herself. Therefore people only get together when they have something in common. If a woman is not inclined to drink, then a drunk wouldn't arouse hate within her, but would give rise to compassion. If you have an inclination towards this, or in a past life, engaged in this, then a drunk will arouse hatred as the manifestation of your own personal character traits. Therefore, a person should not hate the negative manifestations of a husband or wife. This is simply lack of understanding of your own personal nature. It is essential to attempt to fight the negativity together, in partnership. Therefore, no need to tell a child that your Father is a bad person. It means that I am also a bad person. Why talk like this to your child about yourself or about the father?
QUESTION: When determining the character of a little girl, can a doll be added as well?
ANSWER: Good question. A little girl will of course choose the doll. All of these character types for a woman, acquire a minus sign. That is, they signify for what husband is she being raised for. If you put a doll nearby, then she will crawl towards it and grab it at once.
The meaning of this is that family is the fate of a woman. But if you put down these objects without the doll, then she will pick something. The object will signify that she will have a husband who will do something in this field and it will be essential to give her a like upbringing.
This doesn't mean that its necessary to teach her how to pound nails, but its necessary to teach her to live in the kind of family where there might be a blue collar worker.
QUESTION: And if the child is more than three years of age?
ANSWER: The same goes. What do you want from these four things? But if he is already 14 years old, then you can no longer tell. He’ll say: "Mom, what's wrong with you, have you gone crazy? Of course, I'll pick the money. What question could there be?" (Laughter)

QUESTION: A little girl loves to watch movies with shooting, with fighting, is that good?
ANSWER: That means that she, by her nature, is a defender of some sort. That is, she is inclined to marry that kind of person. But what sense is there in these action movies? If there is justice, cultivation of honesty, kindness, then that's okay. Let's see, what kind of action movies do we have? Connected with World War II. Weren't they good action movies? Defence of one's homeland was cultivated by them, isn't that so? Its okay to watch such action movies. But when a Schwarzenegger-type comes out with a big gun on his shoulder and says to his beloved: "Did that guy there say something bad about you?" She says: "Yes". He very lazily takes his gun, which is bigger than his head, brings it up to his head and, high-mindedly, lightly pressing the trigger, blows off the offender's head. His beloved looks at him like at an ideal man. And he very calmly says: "Well, shall we keep going?" If she watches those kinds of action movies, then what will she have in her head? A hole instead of brains, from the big gun that is called television.
QUESTION: What if a girl engages in wrestling?
ANSWER: Well, there's nothing wrong with that. In the Vedic system it was considered that a female ruler, queen or warrior could master martial arts and if the husband didn't secure victory over an opponent, then the wife herself won against him. Or somehow helped her husband. Sometimes such things happen.
QUESTION: Its sometimes the case that a person has 2 manifested character types. Is that possible?
ANSWER: Yes, there can be combinations, but the principle is such that a person's character type doesn't change. He can at once be holy and a king, that is, a holy king. In general, everyone has a mix of various character types, but these combinations don't mean that everything has been mixed together. These character types demonstrate in which centres (chakras) the force of karma in a person has been realised. Do you see what I mean? The boundaries are relative, but they are very highly perceptible. A person who is inclined to be a worker has more active lower centres; a person who is inclined to be a scholar has the highest, those inclined to be rulers and businessmen, - the middle centres. This doesn't mean that a worker only needs sex. This means that he has a certain karmic task, to manage his lower instincts in life. A businessman's task is to manage his greed and he should become unselfish. A person who ought to overcome hatred, cruelty- that person is a ruler, and he is required to become soft in relation to people. And a scholar's karmic task is not to live for himself, but to give knowledge to other people. And all of these types are like a big mountain. It doesn't matter in which part of the mountain people are, they will all somehow intersect in your life.
QUESTION: Does such an interdependency exist; that there are less births of people of one type and more of people of another type?
ANSWER: There is. The inclination towards becoming a scholar or a holy person is only prevalent in a few. The majority are inclined to be workers. A significant amount of people are also inclined to lead society. That is, on the whole, its like a mountain- there should be a lot of workers, less of those who do business, even less managers and very few scholars and priests.
QUESTION: You said that life expectancy is determined at the time of birth. But in the Vedas, it is said that due to various sinful actions, a person can cut short his life expectancy. How is this explained?
ANSWER: What is meant here is the duration of active life. A person can die, for example, 10 years after he lost his active life. That is, he lies paralyzed, he's not living, not dying. Or what’s meant is that he cuts short the duration of his active life. As well, if a person, 

despite everything, left his body before his time, then he will be found in the same place where he needs to live, but in a subtle body, like how, for example, ghosts exist. When his time comes, he leaves this place and is born in a new body.
QUESTION: How to uncover a person's inclination towards becoming an actor?
ANSWER: Who? Actors? On the whole, the manifestation of yourself as an individual can be varied: you can become an actor or a musician. One musician can play on the violin in order to do business, another in order to understand the truth and meaning of life, a third, because he likes such work, a fourth, in order to lead the orchestra. That is, what profession you have doesn't have any significance. What is significant is how you manifest yourself in it. Its possible to be a scholar and also be a businessman; something that happens often these days. Its possible to be a ruler and conduct yourself like a merchant. Its possible to be a true holy person and govern all of society.
QUESTION: Is it possible for children to have several parents?
ANSWER: Its possible. Let me enumerate for you who is considered a father and mother for a child as per Vedic tradition. And so, who can be considered our fathers? The Vedas call upon us to regard these people as our own birth father and for children to fulfill the duty of son or daughter before these people, otherwise, they will remain indebted to them:
1. The birth father who gives birth is a father
2. A father is he who provides a person with knowledge or spiritual faith or upbringing - this is a spiritual teacher
3. Someone who teaches a person, that is, his teacher - he is also his father throughout life
4. Someone who provides a person with food is also his father and a child should treat him as a father
5. And someone who defends a child from horrible situations is also his father
Now, who is a mother for a child?
1. The birth mother
2. The wife of his teacher (in the case of the person being a real teacher and not just someone earning money through this profession)
3. The wife of a priest, if it is a real priest. His wife is a mother for everyone
4. The wife of the ruler, if it is a real ruler. his wife is a mother for everyone in the nation and it is essential to regard her as a mother, with corresponding respect. But for now, none of us have seen real rulers.
5. The wet nurse. If someone nurses a child when the mother didn't have milk, then this woman is also a mother
6. The Earth is also a mother, because she gave us everything we need for this body. The Earth is also an individual, but we don't see or know it. To be more precise, a certain individual governs this planet and she gives us the opportunity to be born here.
7. And the cow is a mother who is empowered to provide the most valuable product for people - milk.
QUESTION: If a person knows how one needs to act and attempts to create a model of behaviour for others. Why shouldn't he force others to observe it? How then, can one teach?
ANSWER: Well you see, that's already not quite correct. That means that something wasn't right. That is, attempting to create a model means, first and foremost, attempting to follow it yourself. If you attempt to create a model on the strength of others, on the strength of the efforts of others, then that means that you have cultivated selfish inclinations within yourself. If a person truly attempts to create something, this means that he himself tries and wants to fulfill his 

duties and doesn't force someone else. In upbringing, you can't try to force another person to do what you want. If you want to cultivate something in someone, its essential to do it yourself and give others freedom of choice. Such is the principle of upbringing. If a person does things the other way round, then he only starts to become hated and that's all. You won't achieve any good or any results, not for yourself, nor for others.
QUESTION: Your opinion regarding sleeping during the day.
ANSWER: During the day, you can only sleep while sitting. That's my view. If a person lies down horizontally, then he loses his health, memory, capacity for work and loses tonus from all internal organs and so forth. If a person simply placed his head on the table, then this doesn't happen and he also won't sleep for long. Children are another matter. Children need to sleep whenever they want to sleep. Its not worth forcing them to go to bed. Let them sleep when they want to sleep.
QUESTION: And college students?
ANSWER: College students? College students should sleep at night. And study at the right time, and not the other way round. (Laughter). They should study in the morning and sleep at night; engage in some sort of favourite activity in the evening which they like in order to go to bed in a good state of consciousness. They should be certain of the fact that they will not learn more than they are determined to by fate. They should not think that they should, without fail receive an A. Its essential to give more attention to those subjects that are close to heart. And set aside less time for those subjects that are not close to heart. They should also eat properly and on time, eat sweet things without fail in the morning and eat well at lunch.
And if a college student will do as such, then he can pass all of his exams with straight As, because he will easily memorize everything. He will perfect himself in his business or study and he will be respected by everyone. And it is essential to know that 50% of your grades depend on how much the teacher respects you. Even if a person has poor knowledge of a subject, but at the same time, he is respected by everyone, he possesses good character traits, then the person will be forgiven poor subject knowledge and will be given more or less good grades. If a college student doesn’t have good character traits, he won’t be respected, even if he gives the right answers, he won’t always be given a good grade. Therefore, if a person lives correctly, cultivates the right things within himself, then he has nothing to fear.
QUESTION: What is the optimal minimal diet for an average person? And tell us the various diet options?
ANSWER: I don’t know an average person, he doesn’t exist. In the same way, there don’t exist average organs for which pills are made. Therefore, the best thing is to understand how you yourself should eat and in order to do that, its essential to know which qualities food products possess and which products suit you. The main concept of how to eat properly is understanding that its essential to eat at the right time. What you eat is less important than when you eat. If you eat a food product that suits you, but not at the right time, that means that for you, its poison. This is deep knowledge. If a person thinks that knowledge is when someone counted for you by calories how much you should eat, that’s not Ayurveda. This is on the whole, who knows what. If you consider this to be Ayurveda, then I have never encountered anything of the sort in Ayurveda. These same people who think that this is Ayurveda and write from the standpoint of Ayurveda, it means, that they simply described western medicine with Ayurvedic terminology.
QUESTION: Is it possible to heal oneself and study while asleep?

QUESTION: Sleep is ignorance. When a person sleeps he enters a state of ignorance. Healing during sleep is possible, and learning during sleep is also possible. But this type of learning and healing is the passive type. A person doesn’t acquire anything during this. Because of this, I repeat, that the most important thing is character traits. When a person heals himself, he cultivates within himself certain character traits. As such, he cures the illness by healing the mind. I liked the movie with the actor Leonov, where he studied while asleep and then, after speaking on his subject, began to read the news. That is, when a person studies while asleep, he simply stuffs his head with something automatically, but he himself doesn’t change during this. The same goes for healing.
QUESTION: How to explain the birth of mutants?
ANSWER: A person is born in whatever body he earned from a past life.
QUESTION: How to rid a child of the habit of sucking his thumb?
ANSWER: The desire to suck means that the person lacks something in his diet. That is, he wants to occupy his sense of taste, since he lacks prana. Its essential to correctly feed the child. Then, when he’s 7, he will no longer want to suck.
QUESTION: Is it possible for a soul exchange to take place while a person is coming to during reanimation?
ANSWER: Very unlikely, since the soul is very strongly attached to the body. That’s our greatest attachment. For any person. We are attached more than anything to our own body. When a person dies, the soul leaves the body only in the case when nothing can be squeezed out of the body, nothing more can be taken. The soul attempts with all its might to still use the dying body, but when it can already no longer function at all, then the soul leaves the body. And no reanimation can rehabilitate such a body. If the soul, the personality, left the body, that means that the body will never be rehabilitated. If someone thinks that this body can be animated without a soul, this is utter stupidity which is not even worth discussion. Its impossible. Because only the subtle body forces movement of nervous tissues and the functioning of the whole organism. And it is always found with the soul. If, when the soul leaves the body, another soul attempts to occupy the body, another personality, this can be equated with, when having the opportunity to enter a new castle, the soul attempting to settle in for a while in an old toilet or right inside a toilet bowl, my apologies for such a comparison. Because nobody needs an old body, why aspire towards one? What’s the point? The body already served its purpose. Its like an old, broken down automobile which will no longer ever run well. Ok, you can fix a car, you can change whatever you want. But the body is a very, very complicated machine. Its impossible to fix a dead body. Therefore, its very unlikely.
QUESTION: How to offer food to your relatives and the dead?
ANSWER: If you know what it means to offer food, and if you want to cook and eat not just for yourself, then you are cultivating the highest level of benevolence within yourself and you don’t want to sin. Therefore, its is essential to first, offer food to God, and then to whomever else. If a person first offers food to God, then later offers the same food to his deceased relatives, then the relatives can receive very great good. Such relatives can even be sent from Hell to the highest planets of the universe, to heaven. This system is described in the Vedas and it is practiced by many. It is, by the way, the duty of the son to do as such, when his parents die. He simply feeds his parents food offered to God and that’s it, there’s no need to do anything else.
There’s also another method. I myself was a witness, when one girl remained in the body of a ghost, that is, on this planet in a subtle body. And, with the right support of her parents, she received a new body.

This was in Moscow. One woman came and asked me what happened to her daughter who died. She came to her mother in dreams and complained that she was hungry, that she felt poorly, that she needed help. I can determine from a photograph what happened to a person after death. I looked and understood that this girl didn’t quite die, that is, she remained on Earth in a subtle body and could not be born again. It happened as such: she was riding in a car, and at the moment of the accident, was sleeping. When something like that happens, then the person remains in a subtle body and can’t receive a new physical body because it was as if death caught him unawares. Such things don’t always happen, but in this case, that was the way it came to be. We began to study how she could be helped and decided to do the following. This family fed one thousand people food offered to God. And on the very same day, the mother experienced a great sense of relief. The daughter came one last time, said thank you, said her goodbyes and didn’t come anymore. Evidently, she, by such means, ended her stay with this family. The Vedas are practical knowledge, although their methods aren’t always intelligible to our physical minds.
QUESTION: When you offer food, should something happen? Does the prana of the food change?
ANSWER: No, the prana doesn’t change. There exist two options for eating. Eating for yourself and not for yourself. If a person eats for himself, he cultivates selfishness within himself. If he eats for God, aside from the fact that he remembers God, he cultivates within himself a desire to live for God and for others, that is, he cultivates benevolence. When a person offers God food, then God saturates the food with his energy. This energy gives us the ability to live not just for ourselves. This energy has a spiritual nature and has nothing in common with prana (one of the subtle material energies). If a person is devoid of sinfulness, that means that the person doesn’t live for himself. But with regards to food, this concerns only non animal-based food, because if you killed an animal, then that is already for yourself, because such food is not offered to God. According to Vedic knowledge, God doesn’t take animal-based food from people, because its impossible to cleanse it of sin. And therefore, you shouldn’t offer animal- based food to God. Its not right.
QUESTION: Is it alright to throw away food offered to God?
ANSWER: In the Vedic tradition, it is thought that if a person cooked food and threw it in the garbage, it means that he is undeserving of the food and as per the law of karma, he will be deprived of as much food as he threw away. Therefore, whatever a person could not eat needs to be given to animals. In this you do something of great utility. Its not important, how you offered, with the help of Christian prayers, or you simply asked Him to take it. You can offer food to Jesus Christ if you are a Christian. To Rama. To Krishna. To Allah, depending on what you call God. And aside from the fact that we do something of use to ourselves, the animals also receive good. In the Vedas it is stated that a soul in the body of an animal who eats food offered to God can immediately be born in a human body, avoiding many evolutionary steps in its spiritual development. That is, avoiding many births in other animal bodies. But this subject is difficult. I often explain this topic to those who more seriously study Vedic culture. Let’s end on this. Its better to talk about that which is more comprehensible to people. I am now only giving the basics and its not for certain that we can explore them in depth today. At the very least, its essential to understand that a person should not eat just for himself and only alone. There’re no two ways about it. Therefore, in old Russia, there also existed this rule that first, the Father tried the food, the head of the household, then everyone else. As such, the food was offered to the oldest person and respect was cultivated in all towards the head of the family. That is, somehow or another, food was offered to someone. If a person offers food to his parents, then he acquires the qualities 

of the parents. If a person offers food to someone else, then he acquires their qualities. If a person offers food to God, then he acquires Godly qualities. This is since God also exists, He personally, within each of us. He sees how you offer Him food and in what frame of mind and He frees a person from selfishness.
QUESTION: In order to help, for example, your Grandpa, you need to feed him with this food, that is, offer him such food, and then eat this food yourself?
ANSWER: No, no. You already shouldn’t eat it. You should give this food to animals. You should not eat it yourself. This only concerns the food that you offer to the deceased. You can not only offer them the food, you can offer them your actions. You do something good, let’s say you feed people. Offer the fruit of these actions to your relatives. Say: “I want the fruits of this action of mine to go to my mother.” As soon as you have said this, or strongly wished for this, it is realised without a doubt. Its the law. A person can give the fruit of his good actions to some other person. This happens irrespective of whether or not the person died or is alive.
QUESTION: What if the deceased comes to you in a dream and asks for certain food?
ANSWER: That means that it is essential to urgently make it. Its possible to do it in a church or at home. You can make a church at home. Anyone can make a church at home. You need to put up for yourself a little altar at home and serve God. You can live for God. Then a person is cleansed of all his sins if he lives for God. What does it mean to live for God? It means- working for God. It means that a person also takes what he needs to survive, but the rest he uses honestly. For raising his children, for society. If a person lives for God, he becomes happy, if a person lives for himself, he becomes unhappy. If a person lives for God, his children automatically become unselfish. This is Vedic culture. But if you don’t understand what it is to live for God, live for people. A wife should live for her husband, a husband should live for the family. The whole family should live for society and not within itself. Without question, this brings success, happiness and progress and a deeper understanding of things. A person should do that which he understands. Don’t understand what is, or who is God- understand what is the law of honesty, of justice. If a person doesn’t even want to understand that, then what is the sense in living? What is the meaning of life? If you don’t understand anything at all, then in what lies the meaning of life? Its simply meaningless, that’s all.

References: Dr. Torsunov - (His Grace Audarya Dhama Prabhu)

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