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Nearly 1/3 of births in the United States end up being induced. Although pregnant mothers are not always eager to pursue the process of induction, technologically-oriented caregivers often compel them to allow it. 

Once in a great while, induction is medically necessary. Most of the time, it is not.

Induction always involves one or both of the following:

(i) forcing the baby out of the womb before it is truly ready; and/or

(ii) forcing the mother’s body to open against the will of her body!

In the first instance, induction means the baby is denied the opportunity to initiate labor. Baby is forced out of the womb before it is ready to be born, often with the “help” of toxic pharmaceutical drugs that are harmful to the baby and that interfere with bonding and breastfeeding. Induced babies are also subjected to sadistic and violent technologies like internal fetal heart monitors that are literally SCREWED INTO THE BABY’S SKULL!!!

In the case of the latter, if a mother’s body is not opening to give birth, she might be carrying unresolved birth trauma, and/or experiencing problems in her relationship, and/or any one of a number of legitimate reasons that are preventing her from feeling safe enough to give birth. Instead of forcing her body to open with the use of toxic chemicals and violent technologies (like amniotomy), a gentler approach would be to help her deal with the underlying psychological and emotional reasons she has not been able to open. This would be the gentlest and kindest approach and would allow her to clear the blockages to a successful birth and open her body on her own terms.

Instead, induction steals the victory of birth for both mother and child and can cause life-long negative consequences for the baby, including somatically-charged “beliefs” like….

(i) “I have no control over my destiny — something outside of me is in charge of my life — and that “something” is NOT loving!”

(ii) “People around me are so controlling and are always making decisions for me against my will.”

(iii) “I always feel like I am being dragged through life, kicking and screaming, against my will.”

Induction requires the use of drugs like pitocin – a chemically toxic substitute for natural oxytocin. When a birthing mother is injected with pitocin, this will undermine her ability to produce natural oxytocin. Natural oxytocin is absolutely necessary for the neurobiology of love to activate at birth. When the neurobiology of love does not activate at birth, the neurobiology of grief will activate instead, leading to postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression is NOT normal and is almost always the result of chemical or technological interference with the birth process, which inevitably leads to birth trauma.

Some studies indicate that women who succumb to induction triple their chances of having a c-section, which can cause major problems for baby, including breathing issues, immune and digestive system deficiencies, and difficulty bonding and breastfeeding.

Many babies who are induced end up spending time in the neonatal intensive care unit where they are separated from their mother and father and subjected to painful, repetitive, torturous procedures — most of which complicate their ability to feel safe in the world, trust adults, and properly bond with their parents.

Induction is almost always a BAD idea. I highly recommend that pregnant women avoid it whenever possible.


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