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The next principle is independence from uncivilized society. This principle consists of parents being independent from the tenets currently prevailing in society when raising their 

children. The first thing that needs to be done, is to gain independent from mass media outlets through which these tenets are now being transmitted and imposed. Therefore parents should decisively cut off a child's uncontrolled contact with mass media outlets. This means that a child should not be allowed to watch those cartoons and films in which violence, boorishness, rudeness, greed, depravity, etc. are cultivated; where heroes with an honest appearance do the most horrible things. The best option in this case is to buy a VCR and choose what a child watches. Here there should be absolute firmness. For example, the fairytale "Mowgli". This is a wonderful fairy tale for children that shows who and how you should defend, who is a friend, who is a teacher and a spiritual teacher, even how you need to defend yourself from enemies. There are a lot of such films, its just essential to start studying this. Of course, there are hundreds less of them than that nonsense and pornography that is now in excess, but nevertheless, they do exist. And if a child watches such a good movie hundreds of times, then that’s better, because he will then grow up to be a normal person. In that lies the principle of independence from the government. You yourself should answer for your child, and not the government. If the government currently cultivates violence, boorishness, pornography, deceit, that doesn't meant that we have to act the same way.
Why, however, are we, and everyone else, so attached to television? This television syndrome is emerging because people, engaging in hard work without sufficient love, don't experience full satisfaction from what they do. Its as if they don't fully work, don't fully live out their lives and, when coming home, switch on the television and finish living their lives there. Therefore, television can be regarded right now as the main drug. People are shown there what they want to have but don't have. This is a happy life. If they lack violence, they watch violence. If they lack debauchery, they watch debauchery. If they lack a beautiful environment or a beautiful life, they watch "Santa Barbara".
Its essential to understand that the danger of television is real. Right now, all of our progress on Earth doesn't originate in the least from good forces. In the Vedas, there are descriptions of various civilizations on various planets with whom we can't have contact due to differences in the nature of our existence. These civilizations are classified into several large levels. Below our level are planets where the technological sphere of life is highly developed, but the consciousness or spiritual sphere of life of these beings is a lot lower than that of humans.
All heavy metal, computer games with dark corridors, endless murders and unceasing battles roughly depict the atmosphere of those civilizations. Right now our planet is experiencing strong influence from those planets and therefore we have a growing technocracy and the spiritualism of society is waning. This influence acts upon the consciousness of people and is transmitted through mass media outlets. Therefore if you want to somehow shield your children from this horror, then you should rule out the possibility of unbridled interaction with television. Since you can no longer cut a child off from watching television as you can't be cured of a drug by having it taken away from you, its essential to allow them to watch that which will simultaneously be interesting and useful. Therefore, it is necessary to go yourself to these video rental places and seriously study which films are worth attention.
And one final issue: is it essential to send a child to kindergarten? This is like playing a lottery. If you see that a child is capable of handling himself while interacting with children, then you can send him to kindergarten. If you see that the child begins to get spoilt, then its better not to work; sit at home and don't send the child to kindergarten. Or you can hire a private tutor - a good person.

References: Dr. Torsunov - (His Grace Audarya Dhama Prabhu)

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