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bhangya nrnam lolupayan drsah sri-
govindadevah saranam mamastu

"May Lord Govindadeva, who charms the eyes of all living beings with the graceful movement of the peacock feather in His golden crown shining with pearls and gems, be my shelter."

kapolayoh kundala-lasya-hasya
cchavi-cchata-cumbitayor yugena
sammohayan sambhajatam dhiyah sri-
govindadevah saranam mamastu

"May Lord Govindadeva, who charms the hearts of the devotees' with His cheeks which are kissed by the splendour of His smile and the dancing of His earrings, be my shelter."

praptyai puro-varti-janeksanena
bhavam kam api udgamayan budhanam
govindadevah saranam mamastu

May Lord Govindadeva who, by glimpsing at His beloved to attain Her nectarean sidelong glance, provokes the love of all the demigoddesses, be my shelter."

bhru-valganair unmadaya kula-strir
govindadevah saranam mamastu

May Lord Govindadeva, who entices the pious cowherd girls with the charming movements of His eyebrows, which are enhanced by the beauty of His moving locks of hair, lustrous earrings, and His cheek placed upon His left shoulder, be my shelter."

dure sthitas ta murali-ninadaih
sva-saurabhair mudrita-karna-palih
nasarudho hrd-gata eva karsan
govindadevah saranam mamastu

He enters into the hearts of the cowherd damsels and draws the to him, though they stand afar, blocking their ears from the sound of His flute and their noses from the wonderful scent of His body. May Lord Govindadeva be my shelter."

navina-lavanya-bharaih ksitau sri-
satas camatkara-vatah prakurvan
govindadevah saranam mamastu

"He fills the devotees on earth with astonishment by the weight of His youthful beauty and the unlimited ocean of His love. May Lord Govindadeva be my shelter."

sri-yoga-pithamburu hasyaya svam
upasayams tantra-vido pi mantrair
govindadevah saranam mamastu

Those learned in the scriptures worship Him with mantras as He sits in the lotus-like yoga-pitha in a gem-studded palace beneath a grove of wish-fulfilling trees. May Lord Govindadeva be my shelter."

sarvanga-bhasakulayams tri-lokim
govindadevah saranam mamastu

"He is as handsome as the god of love (Ananga) and is dressed and decorated as if for a royal coronation. He enthralls all the residents of the three worlds with His beautiful form. May Lord Govindadeva be my shelter."

govindadevastakam etad uccaih
pathet tadiyanghri-nivista-dhir yah
tam majjayann eva krpa-pravahair
govindadevah saranam mamastu

"One who reads aloud this Govindadevastakam and meditates upon the Lord’s lotus feet, is thrown into a river of mercy by the Lord Himself. May Lord Govindadeva be my shelter."

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