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Hare Krishna,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

It has been said and observed that Neirutya kona (South-west corner) of the house should host master bedroom and not wc bathroom.

bathroom, toilet in South-west corner causes instability in the house on financial front and stalls the progress in almost all areas of life.

Would you please share your views on above and if above is correct what remedies one can do to reduce the wrong effect of bathroom,toilet in South-west corner of house?

Hare Krishna, Hari bol

your servant

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Hare Krishna,

Yes it is true. There is a basic Fundamental.

There is strong magnetic energy development on North East. Hence that is to be a worshiping place. The store house of the same is South West. If there will be bathroom, all energy will just go to drain.

Secondly, It is called Putna area, hence its supposed to have heavy furniture or head or authority, so that she is under control. If that is light, it will lead to problems in all the areas of life.

Lastly, Our Slope is Upwards towards South. Of North-North East will be further heavy, it will be disturbed. Hence we are supposed to put weight towards South, South West and West and person wanting authority is every aspect of life should Occupy South west and sleep with head towards south.

Hope above helps.

Hari bol.



thanks.. Hare Krishna..


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