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namas tubhyaḿ bhagavate
puruṣāya mahīyase
vāsudevāya sākṣiṇe

O Supreme Personality of Godhead, greatest of all, who lives in everyone's heart and in whom everyone lives, O witness of everything, O Vāsudeva, supreme and all-pervading person, I offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

praśānta māyā-guṇa-karma-lińgam
anāma-rūpaḿ sad-asad-vimuktam
jñānopadeśāya gṛhīta-dehaḿ
namāmahe tvāḿ puruṣaḿ purāṇam

O completely peaceful Lord, although material nature, fruitive activities and their consequent material names and forms are Your creation, You are unaffected by them. Therefore, Your transcendental name is different from material names, and Your form is different from material forms. You assume a form resembling a material body just to give us instructions like those of Bhagavad-gītā, but actually You are the supreme original person. I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

namas tubhyaḿ bhagavate
vāsudevāya vedhase
śāntāya bṛhate namaḥ

O Lord Vāsudeva, O Supreme Personality of Godhead, You are the creator of the entire cosmic manifestation. You live as the Supersoul in everyone's heart and are smaller than the smallest, yet You are greater than the greatest and are all-pervading. You appear completely silent, having nothing to do, but this is due to Your all-pervading nature and Your fullness in all opulences. I therefore offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

namas te vāsudevāya
namaḥ sańkarṣaṇāya ca
tubhyaḿ bhagavate namaḥ
nārāyaṇāya ṛṣaye
puruṣāya mahātmane
viśveśvarāya viśvāya
sarva-bhūtātmane namaḥ

Obeisances to You, O Supreme Lord Vāsudeva, and to Your forms of Sańkarṣaṇa, Pradyumna and Aniruddha. O Supreme Personality of Godhead, all obeisances unto You. O Lord Nārāyaṇa Ṛṣi, O creator of the universe, best of personalities, master of this cosmos and original form of the universe, O Supersoul of all created entities, all homage unto You.

tāpa-trayeṇābhihatasya ghore
santapyamānasya bhavādhvanīśa
paśyāmi nānyac charaṇaḿ tavāńghri-
dvandvātapatrād amṛtābhivarṣāt

My dear Lord, for one who is being tormented on the terrible path of birth and death and is constantly overwhelmed by the threefold miseries, I do not see any possible shelter other than Your two lotus feet, which are just like a refreshing umbrella that pours down showers of delicious nectar.

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