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karoti viśva-sthiti-saḿyamodayaḿ
yasyepsitaḿ nepsitam īkṣitur guṇaiḥ
māyā yathāyo bhramate tad-āśrayaḿ
grāvṇo namas te guṇa-karma-sākṣiṇe

O Lord, You do not desire the creation, maintenance or annihilation of this material world, but You perform these activities for the conditioned souls by Your creative energy. Exactly as a piece of iron moves under the influence of a lodestone, inert matter moves when You glance over the total material energy.

tan naḥ prabho tvaḿ kukalevarārpitāḿ
tvan-māyayāhaḿ-mamatām adhokṣaja
bhindyāma yenāśu vayaḿ sudurbhidāḿ
vidhehi yogaḿ tvayi naḥ svabhāvam iti

Therefore, O Lord, O Transcendence, kindly help us by giving us the power to execute bhakti-yoga so that we can control our restless minds and fix them upon You. We are all infected by Your illusory energy; therefore we are very attached to the body, which is full of stool and urine, and to anything related with the body. Except for devotional service, there is no way to give up this attachment. Therefore kindly bestow upon us this benediction.

yasmin yato yena ca yasya yasmai
yad yo yathā kurute kāryate ca
parāvareṣāḿ paramaḿ prāk prasiddhaḿ
tad brahma tad dhetur ananyad ekam

The Supreme Brahman, Kṛṣṇa, is the ultimate resting place and source of everything. Everything is done by Him, everything belongs to Him, and everything is offered to Him. He is the ultimate objective, and whether acting or causing others to act, He is the ultimate doer. There are many causes, high and low, but since He is the cause of all causes, He is well known as the Supreme Brahman who existed before all activities. He is one without a second and has no other cause. I therefore offer my respects unto Him.

yo 'nugrahārthaḿ bhajatāḿ pāda-mūlam
anāma-rūpo bhagavān anantaḥ
nāmāni rūpāṇi ca janma-karmabhir
bheje sa mahyaḿ paramaḥ prasīdatu

The Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is inconceivably opulent, who is devoid of all material names, forms and pastimes, and who is all-pervading, is especially merciful to the devotees who worship His lotus feet. Thus He exhibits transcendental forms and names with His different pastimes. May that Supreme Personality of Godhead, whose form is eternal and full of knowledge and bliss, be merciful to me.

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