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tan naḥ pradyotayādhyātma-
jñānaḿ tattvārtha-darśanam
yenāñjasā tariṣyāmo
dustaraḿ bhava-sāgaram

Dear master, kindly enlighten us in transcendental knowledge, which may act as a torchlight by which we may cross the dark nescience of material existence.

viśvodbhava-sthāna-nirodha-karma te
hy akartur ańgīkṛtam apy apāvṛtaḥ
yuktaḿ na citraḿ tvayi kārya-kāraṇe
sarvātmani vyatirikte ca vastutaḥ

O Lord, although You are completely detached from the creation, maintenance and annihilation of this material world and are not directly affected by these activities, they are all attributed to You. We do not wonder at this, for Your inconceivable energies perfectly qualify You to be the cause of all causes. You are the active principle in everything, although You are separate from everything. Thus we can realize that everything is happening because of Your inconceivable energy.

antar bahiś cākhila-loka-pālakair
adṛṣṭa-rūpo vicarasy uru-svanaḥ
sa īśvaras tvaḿ ya idaḿ vaśe 'nayan
nāmnā yathā dārumayīḿ naraḥ striyam

My dear Lord, just as a puppeteer controls his dancing dolls and a husband controls his wife, Your Lordship controls all the living entities in the universe, such as the brāhmaṇas, kṣatriyas, vaiśyas and śūdras. Although You are in everyone's heart as the supreme witness and commander and are outside everyone as well, the so-called leaders of societies, communities and countries cannot realize You. Only those who hear the vibration of the Vedic mantras can appreciate You.

māyā-guṇair vastu-nirīkṣitātmane
nirasta-māyākṛtaye namo namaḥ

The objects of material enjoyment (sound, form, taste, touch and smell), the activities of the senses, the controllers of sensory activities (the demigods), the body, eternal time and egotism are all creations of Your material energy. Those whose intelligence has become fixed by perfect execution of mystic yoga can see that all these elements result from the actions of Your external energy. They can also see Your transcendental form as Supersoul in the background of everything. Therefore I repeatedly offer my respectful obeisances unto You.

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