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Hare KrishnaNowadays, I am so much addicted towards smart phone. I will be watching useless videos in YouTube for more than 1hour and again facebook , instagram. After using phone, then I will realize that I wasted my time. I am writing gate exam , to clear gate exam we need lots of hard work and dedication. But I am not studying properly. I am absent minded. Is there any solution to get rid of this phone phobia.

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  • Matajii... Me too.. Have to clear Dat.. . Which stream is of urs
    • Hari bol. Nyc. R u taking any coaching?
      • No... Not now... Can we talk in inbox if u don't mind
    • Mataji.. My stream is aerospace. What about yours? How is your preparation going on for gate exam?
      • My stream is electronics ND communication.... I m going to prepare.. For it...didnt start yet
  • Hare Krishna,

    First of all, your mind should agree on the goal you have set for you. Internally it has to be comfortable. So first ensure that GATE exam is the only way and you need to crack by hook or crook. Once you are convinced on the goal then proceed to focusing mind on the subject, otherwise mind will resist. So Fix Goal first.

    Next. we definitely need a focussed mind for any success. I feel the best way to keep focussed in to follow one ideal person. Following someone keeps us reminding about the hardwork done by that person to achieve success, and mind remains focussed.

    For example:

    1. If one wants to be great Batsman - he can follow Sachin Tendulkar - how dedicatedly he chased his passion since childhood to achieve success.

    2. If one wants to be great warrior - he can follow Arjuna. How dedicatedly he learnt warrior skills in Gurukula.

    3. If one wants to be a great devotee - He can follow one great devotee like Prahlad Maharaja.

    4. There are so many examples who strived hard for attaining success. We can follow them.

    Similarly, if you find your ideal person, know how he strived to get that, know his dedication, see where you stand, how are your efforts compared to his - I think that way our mind will be able to judge its efforts towards its goal. It will automatically move its hardles from its path. 

    Last but not least, all power comes from Krishna. So we must not forget Him while getting occupied in our material endeavour.

    - Haribol !!

    • Thanqu prabhu ji for ur suggestion. Haribol
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu.

    It sounds like you are  indeed addicted to that "smart phone" . I would suggest you get rid of the phone or lock it up somewhere safe and not use it at all now. That phone addiction is going to destroy you if you let it. Don't let that phone destroy your life and your future. Force yourself to put it away for now and spend your time studying  for your exam. After and only after you find out that you have  passed your Gate exam then you can start using the smart phone again. Pray to Lord Krishna too and ask him to please help you to overcome this phone addiction.

    • Hari bol mataji.. I am following What u told
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