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Will someone explain to me all the expansions of Krishna?

From the first to the last expansion. The roles and duties of each of those expansions as well.

Thank you.

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There are six kinds of incarnations:
the purusa-avataras,
the lila-avataras,
the guna-avataras,
the manvantara-avataras,
the yuga-avataras, and
the saktyavesa-avataras - a category of avataras who are not visnu-tattva but jiva-tattva (jivas, or living beings, empowered for a special mission).
Krsna first incarnates as the three purusa-avatarasnamely the Maha-Visnu or Karanodakasayi avatara, the Garbhodakasayi avatara and the Ksirodakasayi avatara.
The first one, Maha Visnu, creates the total material energy, known as mahat-tattva.
The second, Garbhodakasayi Visnu, enters into all the universes to create diversities in each of them.
The third, Ksirodakasayi Visnu, is diffused as the all-pervading Supersoul in all the universes and is known as Paramatma. He is present even within the atoms.
First Expansion
Krsna is the original Personality of Godhead. His expansion is Balarama, who expands the original catur vyuha or quadruple expansions.
1) Vasudeva 2) Sankarsana 3) Pradyumna 4) Aniruddha
These original catur vyuha expansions reside in Mathura and Dvaraka.
From them twenty four forms of Visnu expand. They are named differently according to the arrangement of the conch, disc, lotus and club in Their hands
2. Lila-avataras (pastime avataras)

During Brahma's one day there are twenty-five Lila-avataras also known as Kalpa avataras because they appear in every Kalpa.

Out of these, the incarnation of Hamsa- The Swan incarnation and Mohini are not permanent,
but Kapila, Dattatreya, Rsabha, Dhanvantari and Vyasa are five eternal forms,

The Dasavatars
Also dasavatars - The word "dasavatara" or "dasa-avatara" denotes not a category of avataras like yuga-, lila-, manvantara-, or other avatarasbut the most famous list of ten avataras (in Sanskrit "dasa" = "10").

Can you explain more about the original catur vyuhas, like their activities, how they look like and what other roopas comes out from these original catur vyuhas.

I've also heard that there's a secondary catur vyuha as well. Please give me the full picture bro.

Thanks :)

hare krishna Crimson prabhu, Pamho

       check this link for krishna expansions

Ah thanks. This is really helpful Vijay.

Here, in your chart, it has been shown that Balarama, expands as Sada Shiva. May i know what are the functions of Sada Shiva and how does his form look like?


Also the chart says, Maha Vishnu glances over Material nature, in the form of Sambhu and injects the souls into each univeres. Is this correct? ...He turns into Sambhu before impregnatng material nature?


And what about Rudra. The chart says Rudra comes out from the forehead of Brahma. And this Rudra creates and destroys all living beings and universes.

My question is, why would Rudra create living beings? Isn't that the job of Brahma, who creates humans, animals, celestials, planets etc. ?

hare krishna Crimson Prabhu , All Glories to Srila prabhupada

# Sada shiva is the shiva in the Spiritual world in kailash , he exists there eternally in his Spiritual world along with his devotees

# Maha vishunu impreganates the Material prakriti with souls , shambu doent do it

# Rudra Destroyes the materal universe ,for doing that he gets the Energy from Lord sankarshana who lies   in the Bottom of the universe

 It is brahma who creates Afterwards not rudra.

Thanks bro. But your chart shows that Rudra emanates from the forehead of Brahma and takes part in creation along with Brahma and also destruction.

And in that very same chart it also says , Maha Vishnu in the form of Sambhu impregnates material nature (durga).


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