Hare Krishna! PAMHO! AGTSP!

This question of mine may seem pointless however since last 6 years I've been studying vedic and Iskcon principles / topics / lore with context to logic and modern science. I have got answer to most of my questions which we do / know in ISKCON community.

However I just could not find science behind this particular principle anywhere where I've looked.

It is a rule that while worshiping deities we should not wear sewed or stitched clothes at all. It should be Dhoti, Chadar, Shawl and Kaupin. We can cover ourself fully by Chadar and Shawl in winters but should not wear sweaters or jackets for Archanam.

Now, other than the fact the it is in our parampara and we should not break / deviate from it.

I could not find any answers on logic here.

Please help. It's part of my study.

I am discussing here for temple worship and home worship for second initiated.

Anyone please do not take my question in the wrong way.

Thank You

Radhe Shyam

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  • Hare Krishna,
    I am aware that during pooja and any rituals generally we wear traditional clothing.. esp. dhothi and saree...which has minimal stitching or no stitching.. But i am also unaware of the scientific reason behind it.. when i searched the net... I found out this..
    pls. find.. I don't know how far its true.
    Sewing Clothes and Effect of Stitching
    This article is about sewing cloths and effect of stitches on clothes, benefit of wearing clothes made of uncut cloth and with minimal stitching.
    • Hare Krishna;

      Thank you so much for your efforts. I never found this link even searching hours on this topic.
      You've given me new lead, Thank you so much.

      I was aware it has something related to do with Rajas & Tamas Guna; but I guess I need to research more.

      Thank You again.

      Radhe Shyam
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