Why there is no Lord Brahma temple?

Many vedic versions have foretold about the truth of why Brahmaji, the secondary creator of this material universe. For he, the great servant to Govindaji has no particualr place or standalone temple in dedication to perform archa worship like other devatas do. What an important figure he is in the Trimurthi personality to deserve such a curse.

A full version of this vedic truth will be gratefully appreciated. Hare Krishna!

Your insignificant beggar,

Shankar Rns

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    my humble obeisances!

    Brigu Muni. It is his curse.

    He wanted to check who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead among those Lord Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu.

    So shortly saying when he came to Lord Brahma ....became angry because of disrespect and cursed him that he won't be worshiped.

    But there is one Temple in Vrindavan Dham. I forgot the title. But there is the Deity of 4 headed Lord Brahma.

    But also we worship Lord Brahma in the form of Haridas Thakur! The Nama Acharya.

    Your servant, 

    • Bhaktin Maral mataji....very nice explanation. Thank you.

      Here's the catchy part, I did realize on my pilgrimage journey to discover the hidden vedic glory in Nepal. That there is a temple somewhere off from the Kathmandu border. The one and only Brahmaji temple in the world ever to exist! I'm not sure the full name of this humble temple. It looks extensively and exclusively for Lord Brahma. Many devotees alike will come and pay homages to Brahmaji. So there is a possibility in every disclose truth.

      Your humble servant,

      Shankar Rns

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