Why Did Krishna Liberates Karna By Killing Him?

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It may sound controversial to non-devotees who are devoutly deviated in the true path of spiritual life...I do admit myself as a student, I have flaws in preaching to those people in general about the relationship of Karna and his paternal Pandava brothers...He was an exceptional warrior with a great heart to help the sufferings of those who withers away and adopting improved way of life, during the presence of The Lord about 5000 years ago during the Mahabharatha era.

Now I would want more answers to help lift the backbone of preaching life to ensure Hindus do have a greater perception about our Supreme Lord's affairs with Karna...and so to speak WHY KRISHNA KILLED HIM at the first place...

Help me 

on this my dear Vaishnava brothers and sister...May Sri Guru & Gauranga Blesses each and everyone of you who poses fulfilling answers to my spiritual plea.

Thank you...and dandavat pranams __/\_'o___

Hare Krishna.

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  • Sevak

    Hk Pr

    It is the same reason why others on kaurava side were killed. They were on the path of adharma. 

    Karna was involved in almost all wrong doings of duryodhana including the gambling match, disrobing of Draupad, sending pandavas to forest and not giving back pandavas their kingdom when they came back.

    To this some people may say that Karna was not involved in the wrong doings. For this the answer is what was he doing then in the gambling arena when draupdi was being disrobed in public? In fact he was the first one who suggested to bring draupadi in the assembly. Karna was also involved in killing Abhimanyu in a deceitful manner.

    So Karna was a rascal just like Duryodhana. He was cosnidered charitable etc but he was a rascal and the biggest evidence for this is that he is on the side of demons - adharma

    YS Bharat

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