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    In the Krsna book it is explained like this:

    "Krsna showed the nature of a small baby and closed His eyes, as if to avoid the face of Putana. This closing of the eyes is interpreted and studied in different ways by the devotees.
    Some say that Krsna closed His eyes because He did not like to see the face of Putana, who had killed so many children and who had now come to kill Him.
    Others say that Putana hesitated to take the baby on her lap because something extraordinary was being dictated to Her from within, and in order to give Her assurance, Krsna closed His eyes so that she would not be frightened.
    And yet others interpret in this way: Krsna appeared in order to kill the demons and give protection to the devotees, as stated in the Bhagavad-gita: paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam. The first demon to be killed was a woman. According to Vedic rules, the killing of a woman, a brahmana, cows or a child is strictly forbidden. Krsna was obliged to kill the demon Putana, and because the killing of a woman is forbidden according to Vedic sastra, He could not help but close His eyes.
    Another interpretation is that Krsna closed His eyes because He simply took Putana to be His nurse. Krsna is so merciful that even though He knew Putana was there to kill Him, He took her as His nurse or mother. That is considered to be another reason He closed His eyes: He had to kill a nurse or mother. "
    The Krsna book chapter 6 Putana killed

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    Krsna closed His eyes at this time. Why? Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura has explained five reasons. When a baby sits on the lap of his mother and drinks her breast milk, her lap becomes a very happy place for playing. Then, when an unknown person comes, the baby closes his eyes. Secondly, although Putana had come in a very beautiful form, she came to kill Krsna by giving Him poison. He therefore closed His eyes, thinking, "I don't want to see this inauspicious lady." She came to kill all the babies of the Vrajavasis and, by the potency of Yogamaya, she came first to the home of Nanda Baba. She had not yet gone to other places. Now she took Krsna in her lap, and Krsna saw this as inauspicious. Therefore, He closed His eyes.

    If one is in Sri Krsna's presence, no maya or hypocrisy can remain with that person. It will at once disappear. If Krsna had looked at Putana, maya would have disappeared. The gigantic form of Putana would have been disclosed, and Mother Yasoda and the Vrajavasis would have understood the true situation.

    Because Putana came in the form of a mother, saying, "Oh my dear son, my dear darling boy," Krsna did not want to give her pain and make her cry. He thought, "When I suck out her life and she begins to die, she will suffer tremendously. I cannot bear to do this."

    Putana said, "Oh darling baby, they are really not Your mothers. How could they have left You here alone?" She took Krsna in her arms and gave Him her breast-milk. Krsna closed His eyes and sucked out her poison, and with that He sucked out her life. Thus, Putana could no longer maintain her maya form. Krsna was holding her breasts tightly with His feet and mouth, and while he was sucking, she became twelve miles long.

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