• E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna,


    Chat was stopped in this website because of misuse. It was being used

    1) to flirt,

    2) to propogate own theories, not Srila Prabhupada's theories,

    3) to do timepass as against to discuss spiritual questions or realisations. 

    4) to speak ill of ISKCON.

    The chat was filled with people of unsound mind, athiests and people who would encourage these two categories, without bringing to the notice of authorities. 

    It was a shame to see what was going on in chat. Perforce it had to be stopped.

    Openly, that other site for chat is being advertised here. Please feel free to visit there and do all of the above. THat is not being monitored.

    This is a devotional website and it is expected that a basic decorum of piety is maintained, even in chat. Since the participants were not able to do that, it had to be closed.

    I hope all doubts are laid to rest.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • It is a shame that the chat is no longer available. It was great. I think replacing that with whatsapp groups may not be the best replacement. I have seen mostly inactive membes in whatsapp groups before. In the chat, it was great that you could see the devotees online, even if just few. It made the chat more active. Also, it did not require exposing your mobile phone number to any person whom you may not know.

    • yes it is shame that some unbaked egoistic people have the rights to control this site..i have helped so many devotees through chat, distributed books..thank god they have added me on fb, watsap so i am in touch with them..stopping chat for good people for some good people is stupidity..n as you rightlyy said..shame...

    • Hello Laszlo, the discord group has grown quite substantially, you're welcome to join and contribute


      • good job done ramchandra..lets all join discord ..idt was used just because of chat..if they have no chat option it is absolutely useless site.

  • yes chat should start here immdiately.

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