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    You are taking these senteces directly from Krsna book nice. Atleast I know where to look up and study to give answers. Because there are many scriptures and at many places the same things are discussed again and again. Now I know that this is from Krsna book. OK now lets go into the question.

    It is very simple.

    When you do austerities penances you can get mercy of Supereme Lord who is the real provider of all .. ( You know right If we offer water to the roots then the leaves also get water supply simultaneous thru the root system ..Yathā taror mūla-niṣecanena. If one pours water on the root of a tree, the energy is immediately supplied to the leaves, the twigs, the branches, and so on. Similarly, simply by serving Kṛṣṇa, or God, we serve all other parts of creation. There is no question of serving each living entity separately).

    But jivas want to get some temporary relief so they are doing austerities to demigods ( here in this Krsna book they give the example of  doing DHARNA or Anshan sitting without eating food ..for making the government accept the requests .. govt. then changes policies provides the nessecities and passes the bills accepting the requests of the general public like how this Salt Satygraha was done right. . or recently this Anna Hazare has done to get some funds from the govt)  For some time there was relief because funds are released and immediately some problems answered.. But later.., people are again suffering the same problems again. It is like people wait for rains to come.. Rains come give relief and for a breif time there is no problem there earth is green and flourishing.

    But again after sometimes there is famine there is draught like condition .. again there is wait.  This process is never ending.  There is no complete relief of all the problems. Because the austerities and penances are directly to demigods or for material gains. Material gain can give relief only for short peroid. Like one person is starving.. and a charitable person gives him food. How can he can be happy. The person is again hungry after 3-4 hours when the food is digested. 

    Here this type of austerities done for immediate relief is compared to Flourishing Earth Conditions during rainy season. temporary relief. 

    So, here Srila Prabhupada says that one actions and austerities or penances should not be for immediate, temporary relief of the suffering but austerities and penances if directed to Supreme Lord there is permanant cure to the sufferings.

    Hare Krishna.

  • Hare Krishna Dipin Prabhu,

    I see that you have posted a number of great questions here. But I think you need a (bona fide) guru or councillor for all your queries. This is my opinion.

    The reason I am saying this is that no doubt your queries are justified and at a higher level, but all both parties involved in the discussion - the seeker and the suggestion provider, are to be very careful in making sure the complete details are discussed (which I am very sure we all try our best) but also which are free from mental speculation beyond a certain level - else progress will be a great challenge for the type of questions you have. Please don't get me wrong, the devotees I know who spend time here answering queries are very senior to me and first class KC devotees, but I think you get the base KC idea very well and so might miss out some significant details that the discussion here might not provide because of limited devotees, and only which a 1:1 personal discussion with a guru can provide about such queries.

    Let me take my own example. I have very limited resources in my head about concepts in KC, which I must have got from only reading Srila Prabhupada books. But with this limited tools and resources I may only be able to craft a few theoretical items/ideas/realizations on my plate. But until and unless I take external knowledge from a bona fide councillor or spiritual master, no extra resources/tools are formed, and so if I don't and only rely on my limited tools, then I completely depend on mental speculation to derive and convince myself that "Ok, then this must be the answer" rather it might be more! This is the main part I wanted to point out. I think you may miss out certain minute valuable details if you only post these queries here and not enquire outside in real world with a bona fide representative 1:1. So I suggest do BOTH!

    I really enjoy reading your questions & it is very encouraging to read the wonderful answers that the devotees post here at IDT forums, so keep them coming! :) 

    Parallelly IMHO it would also be a good idea to save these same questions and discuss outside with a bona fide representative in a 1:1 meeting as well.


    For this particular query, I think a close answer is devotees vs not yet realized souls (non-devotees). Which book are you reading Prabhu?

    Your Servant


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    • Oh I think I all should add a disclaimer notice below :-)  like Prathik prabhu. 

    • Hare Krishna

      I'm reading the Krsna book. In a number of places in the Bhaktivedanta literature such as the Krsna book, there are questions and they are beautifully answered as well. So as such there is no serious enquiry when the question has already been answered. It is just to stimulate the interest of others and especially those who have read the literature of Prabhupada. Sometimes devotees can answer from a different place in the literature which is so consistent that the meaning is not distorted. Over all such discussions help in increasing the Krsna consciousness of all participants.

      Hari Bol

      • Beautiful thought Prabhu! Thank you. Indeed, such discussions really help everyone.

        Hare Krishna


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