why every time the kanthi mala holders are given PRIORITY? i am not talking all this because i didnt wore kanthi mala, but i always experienced that we are neglected b'coz we dont have kanthi mala!

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  • one can also wear neem kanthi mala if he eats onion and garlic due to office atmosphere later on after following principles he can switch to tulasi mala

  • Volunteer

    devotees wearing kanti mala are understood to know the standards of ones own food habits and cleanliness standards and other vishnava etiquette. So, if I have a service that is something related to deity of the Lord directly, then I would prefer some one who is following all these things to do instead of some one whom we are not sure of. We should not be proud if we are wearing kanti mala and feel sad or unhappy if we are not. Krishna sees our devotion in every service we do for Him and His devotees. What is the use of some one who is initiated and doing the service without any love or devotion and some one who is not even wearing any kanti mala and doing some simple service with all the love and devotion. Krishna will not even want to look at such like devotee who is puffed up and will award all his blessings upon this humble devotee.

    • prabhuji,pls.tell me the number of pieces of tulsi beads in kanthi mala,

      • Volunteer

        Madhavas -- devotees connected to Udupi mutts wear a tulsi mala that has 108 beads or 54 beads and usually covered with Gold or sliver caps on ends. They chant on these beads and latter on wear the same. However, we have been told by previous aacharyas that we have to wear tulasi neck beads minimum 2 rounds if not initiated and if initiated then a minimum of 3 rounds. There is no specification on the number of beads. If the beads are small, then there will be a few hundreds of beads and if the beads are big then it will be much less in number. The number of beads (pieces of tulsi as you said) is not important. But we have a separate chanting beads and that has 108 beads plus one Guru bead.

        • prabhuji,i am a new comer to krishna conciousnes,though a vaishnava by birth,pls.tell me can i wear kanthimala myself?or given by guru? hare krishna

          • Volunteer

            If you are qualified to wear it then you can wear it. The qualification is that one must be following 4 regulative principles of

            • No Meating eating -- including eggs and meat of all sorts and varities and also onion/garlic/mushroom/Soya in any form has to be avoided. Also need to be careful of any products that contain animal extracts like gelatin
            • No Illisit Sex -- Sex outside of married life
            • No intoxication -- including coffee/tea/all varieties of alcoholic drinks and smoke too
            • No gambling -- all sorts of gambling including share market

            If you are following these principles or ready to follow and are chanting minimum of 16 rounds of hare krishna mahamantra daily, fasting on special occasions like appearance day of Lord and his incarnations and previous great aacharyas in parampara and strictly following the ekadashi. Also one is expected to eat only Krishna prasadam.

            Tulsi is very dear to Krishna and it is considered to be an offense if we break any of these things while wearing tulsi mala. We usually buy the neck beads and offer it to Krishna first and then wear it in our neck. Coming Saturday is the auspicious occasion of Narashinga chaturdashi. You can take a vow on that day to practice these principles and Lord will protect you and help you in future.

            • thank you prabhuji,please pray for my spiritual growth.shall i chant the mahamantra 16 rounds in split-ie,8 at morning and 8 at evening?what is to do when interrupted?what to do if i take onion,or hotel food,my job need frequent travel.please advise me,hare krishna.

              • Volunteer

                It is best to chant all 16 rounds first thing in the morning before 7 - 7:30. The day is divided into 3 modes. Morning untill around 10 is in the mode of goodness. Then slowly it transforms into mode of passion. And latter in the evening as the sun starts to set, the day enters into mode of ignorance. According to scriptures, The devotional activities like meditation or japa can be BEST performed in the morning when it is in the mode of goodness. Devotees chant from around 5:15 (if in temple or attending mangalarthi) to 7:30 in the morning. Only latter will they get into other work. I personally do not feel like stepping out of home until I finish my 16 rounds of japa. So now you decide what you want to do. The choice is yours.

                Regarding food patters we can not have any compromise in that after wearing Kanti mala or tulsi neck beads. If your travel is a day long then you can think of packing prasadam from home. We travel for 2-3 days by train to Vrindavan Mayapur and other dhams and we manage carrying prasadam for all these days. Worst case if you could not get prasadam, then try to eat something that does not contain onion and garlic. Like there are many Jain restaurants these days who serve food without onion and garlic. This is not prasadam though but its better than regular food. You can consider the option of fruits also.

                • Hare Krishna Sudheendra prabhuji

                  I was told by one of the temple mataji that I can wear 1 round of tulsi beads.I clearly mentioned her that I eat onion/garlic sometimes especially when eating outside.

                  Well!! Looks like few things in KC we have to decide based on our inner conscience.

                  Hare Krishna.

                  • Volunteer

                    No Mataji. What I have heard and learned from my senior devotees is that its a great offense even if a single piece of onion/garlic goes below our throat. However, I have seen many of the devotees who come to temple on sundays and on other festivals, wear kanti mala only when coming to temple and after they go home they remove it as they can not control their tongue from eating onion/garlic and some even eat non veg. This is condemned.

                    I also happen to meet another devotee in temple who is in ISKCON for over 2 decades and he was saying that for a new comer, they would not tell all the restrictions for wearing kanti mala. However, they certainly say them to follow the regulative principles and to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra some rounds daily. When they come back and question in future on how to improve their devotional life, they would be told of all the rules.

                    I think that is what happened with your case also. Since you wanted to wear it, that mataji did not wanted to take chance of disappointing you and said to wear one round. But the fact is that we should NOT eat all these things after we are wearing Kanti mala.

                    It is said that if a person dies wearing Kanti mala, tilak on his/her body parts, chanting the names of Lord Hari, he/she will be taken back to spiritual world. The point we have to remember is, that Krishna is very intelligent. If we think, I will take this out and eat non veg or something and then put it back on, then its ok. We should know that for Krishna its not difficult to make us die when we are not wearing any of these. Just like the demon Hyranyakashipu asked for soo many benedictions from Lord Brahama and Lord keeping all the promise of Brahama intact, killed him by appearing as Lord Sri Narashima dev. So, is it difficult for Lord to cut the thread of kanti mala or earase the tilak or bring the thought of some thing/one else than Himself at the time of our death??

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