Hare Krishna,

Please accept my humble obeisances.

cow slaughtering is horrible thing that has happened to the entire world, and big MNCs are using various items which are coming out after cow slaughtering  in various products they create and this idea is kept hidden from normal public via paid media.


if any of you using following items please think again

1. tea 

2. fair & lovely and other such cosmetics 

3. lipsticks, nail polish 

4. pizza, maggi 

5. colgate and other such MNC toothpastes 

6. dexorange and MNC medicines 

7. sabudana and gelatin sweets 

8. ice-creams, chocolates

after slaughtering other than meat, stuff like blood, bones, skin, oil from meat are used in above products, if we claim to be vegans , question is are we really vegans???

please listen to this atleast once and avoid such products, and please share with your loved ones

What happens after cow slaughtering in INDIA ??


Hare Krishna, Hari bol

your servant

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  • Hare Krishna,

    we should first educate people in order to gather the supporters talked about,

    Excerpt on cow urine;    THE LIQUID GOLD

    It is antiseptic, detoxificant,  germicidal , anti- microbail , diuretic , blood purifier, appetizer , growth hormone,   anti-carcinogenic immunity enhancer, anti fungal, anti-bacterial, compensates the loss of micronutrients (enzymes), anti allergic, antibiotic and antihelmintic (parasite expeller ). It is an anti-oxidant , digestion enhancer, anti inflammatory,  eliminates intestinal worms , treats skin diseases like eczema  ringworm psoriasis , detoxifier,  blood cleanser , bile stabiliser, improves production of haemoglobin,  treats anemia,  removing urinary tract stones,  antacid,  for eye infections, natural disinfectant and insecticide, anti-reptile, migraine treatment , improves memory with ashwagandha, treating constipation, anti aging elexir, dissolves blood clots, promotes normalization of menstrual cycle, heals tumors,  controls jaundice, supports digestion,  laxative, anti-edema,  for equilibrium of water content and acid – base balance,  disorders of brain/ neurological conditions like epilepsy,  psychiatric complaints, improves skin tone,  corrects menstrual disorders, maintains the level of insulin by enhancing the function of pancreas, calms the chattering mind, piles treatment , prostrate , arthritis ,ulcers etc



    this blog has other astonishing facts behind the uses, so do explore it, the technical (biological) part that can be used to argue against opposing forces like the false so-called "economic"  propaganda...

     And how about gathering fund to launch a campaign in the television, showing the real truth behind the scenes:- the same floor space that is shared by these brands so that we can directly communicate to the potential buyers and in india, i am sure that as majority of the population respects the cow, we can definately put huge pressure on the companies to cough up the facts and change.. very similar to the recent greenpeace activism on head & shoulders to stop palm oil from the endangered indonasian forests....

    Proposed Association

     We can also form an association that can put a tag on the products that are "violence free" similar to many vegan and vegetarian associations existing. this will at least make the buyers aware. We can do this ASAP.

     Please share your views..

                                                                                                                  Hare Krishna


  • I am shocked to see Sabudana in the list. I take sabudana khichadi even during Ekadashi fast. Sabudana is purchased from local shops. Please clarify on this. Hari bol

  • Hare Krsna 

    This information is very useful But I am shocked to see Sabudana in the list according to my knowledge it comes from a tree/plant please provide more information on this because we use to take Sabudana in breakfast even Aurveda doctors suggests it for newly born babies  

  • Hari Bol
    Jai Srila Prabhupada prabhu ji!
    Hare Krsna
    I suggest first of all spreading of Krsna consciousness by which masses are lead by Acharyas and they automatically take part in cow protection.
    Yess, we can't depend on political parties. We have to increase the no of supporters first. Secondly, we should not support Rajjiv DIxit very much. He also criticised iskcon. Srila Prabhupada warns that impedimeent to Bhakti are attachment to one's nation(India), species(human), homeland, family, etc. Real service to family, state, nation, species and all is to engage them in devotional service after getting oneself involved.

    SB 10.14.56
    TEXT 56
    vastautaAe jaAnataAma‡a
    k{(SNAM sTaAµau cair"SNAu ca
    naAnyaã"istvah" ik(Âana
    vastuto jänatäm atra
    kåñëaà sthäsnu cariñëu ca
    bhagavad-rüpam akhilaà
    nänyad vastv iha kiïcana
    vastutaù—in fact; jänatäm—for those who understand; atra—in this world; kåñëam—Lord Kåñëa; sthäsnu—stationary; cariñëu—moving; ca—and; bhagavat-rüpam—the manifest forms of the Personality of Godhead; akhilam—everything; na—nothing; anyat—else; vastu—substance; iha—here; kiïcana—at all.
    Those in this world who understand Lord Kåñëa as He is see all things, whether stationary or moving, as manifest forms of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Such enlightened persons recognize no reality apart from the Supreme Lord Kåñëa.
    Everything exists within Lord Kåñëa, and Lord Kåñëa exists within everything. Still, the order of progression is always from the energetic to the expanded energy. Lord Kåñëa is the original identity, from whom all other identities emanate. He is the supreme energetic, from whom all categories and dimensions of energy become manifest. Thus, our personal bodies, self, family, friends, nation, planet, universe and so on are all manifestations of the Supreme Lord, who expands Himself through His personal potencies. Lord Kåñëa is certainly the supreme object of our love and attraction, and other objects, such as body, family and home, should be secondary objects of our affection. Moreover, a close analytic study of the actual situation will reveal that even the secondary objects of love are also manifestations of Lord Kåñëa. The conclusion is that Lord Kåñëa is our only friend and object of love.
    In his Kåñëa, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Çréla Prabhupäda comments on this verse as follows: "Without being an expansion of Kåñëa, nothing can be attractive. Whatever is attractive within the cosmic manifestation is due to Kåñëa. Kåñëa is therefore the reservoir of all pleasure. The active principle of everything is Kåñëa, and highly elevated transcendentalists see everything in connection with Him. In the Caitanya-caritämåta it is stated that a mahä-bhägavata, a highly advanced devotee, sees Kåñëa as the active principle in all movable and immovable living entities. Therefore he sees everything within this cosmic manifestation in relation to Kåñëa."


    Rajiv Dixit was a patriot. But we want to save cows not because its in Indian culture, but because its duty of every follower of Vedic religion. We want to protect cows because she is dear to Lord and Lord-scriptures prescribe cow protecton, not because of sentiments for country.
    • Volunteer

      agree... I do not support or interested in rajiv dixit's other works, I only interested in cow protection and he did lot of work on that front and hence I am involved in certain way in their cow protection program.

      • Hari Bol prabhuji!

        That so nice. I mean we have to involve culturally but not philosophically.

  • Volunteer

    Prabhupada told us not to drink tea/coffee, so we should not drink..

    HUL is not an Indian company, they keep hindustan in their title to fool common people. unilever an anglo-dutch company owns 67% share in HUL. check their details.

    Hindustan Uniliver is a MNC which has following products. 

    1. brooke bond taj mahal, 2. brooke bond 3 roses, 3. brooke bond taaza, 4. lipton

    they use cow blood into tea for getting reddish color for the tea... no idea about local tea manufacturers but any tea we should avoid.


    there is huge conspiracy going on by US/EUROPE/UK MNCs and missionaries where they put all these cow products into various of their products and they market in such a way that common people do not get it.

    try to avoid such products..

    yeah Rajiv dixit was great deshbhakt, and he was blacked out by paid mainstream media.. so sad.. but its a reality.


    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna,

      cow saving in India is becoming difficult day by day...

      I am associated with Rajiv dixit's cow protection abhiyan in limited way and its becoming very difficult as many politicians are against banning cow killing...

      you would not believe this :  goa has BJP govt, and they allowed bullock killing recently..

      actual problem is MNCs and missionaries are having tight control on all leading politicians and they want india to kill cows , these foreign elements pay for their favorable coverage in media and control them in various ways...

      we all should keep some money from our income and try to buy cows which are going to slaughter houses and give them to authentic Goshalas to protect and nurture them.

      problem is that money donors for buying cows for slaughterhouses are increasing than money donors who want to protect cows. this equation needs to change in order to protect cow.

      Hare Krishna, Hari bol

      your servant

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