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I was shocked to hear that some ISKCON temples do not encourage to follow Nirjal Ekadasi. One devotee said that Prabhupada said we do not follow Nirjal Ekadasi, so that is why they do not follow Nirjal here in the temple.
I understand that Prabhupada did not make Nirjal Ekadasi Manditory. But that does not mean that he did not encourage it. Especially if one can do it, then they should by all means try for it. So many great benefits for this fast. In case one accidently broke previous Ekadasi fasts then they can follow this one  with no water and make it up. But Prabhupada said Ekadasi means fast. Not to just avoid all the Ekadasis, then just do Nirjal Ekadasi.NO! We have to follow each and if we can do nirjal then also we should try if possible. We need all the pios credits we can get in Kaliyuga, what to speak of one can go back to Godhead just from this one fast and deliver 100 generations.

Please give your statements with evidence.

Morning Walk. June 7th 1976. Los Angeles

Rämesvara: On the calendar it says it is Bhéma-ekädasi.
Prabhupäda: Bhéma-ekädasi, yes.
Rämesvara: So I’ve been told that if one fasts on Bhéma-ekädasi, that it is like fasting on all the ekädasis. Is that true?
Prabhupäda: Yes. Ekädasi meant for fasting, either Bhéma or Arjuna. But we cannot fast, therefore we have to take little fruits and.... Otherwise, ekädasi means fasting.
Tamäla Krsna: If it is possible, should we go without eating at all?
Prabhupäda: Yes. But don’t lie down and sleep.
Mahendra: Eating mahä-prasädam is also fasting.
Prabhupäda: Who says?
Mahendra: You said that to Paramahamsa Swami once.
Prabhupäda: And you heard from Paramahamsa.
Mahendra: No, I was in the room. It was when he was trying to observe Caturmäsya.
Prabhupäda: I never said that.
Mahendra: Oh, okay, I must have heard wrong.
Prabhupäda: If there is service and, on my fasting, service will be stopped, then I can take. First consideration, service. Now if somebody feels weak, he can take mahä-prasäda, render service.

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  • Prabhupada said Ekadashi meant for fasting whether Bhima or Arjuna . He doesn't want devotees to fast or do Nirjala and avoid their daily routine duties and services. So if you can do Nirjala fasting and at the same time act normally as you act on other days then fine. But on the pretext of doing Nirjala Ekadasi your abstaining from normal services and duties is not acceptable. It will definitely increase your will power. But at the same time it may increase your Pride - see I can do nirjala but others cannot. No, No, this thought should be alertly thrown out of one's mind.
    • Hare Krishna Mahesh Kumar Prabhu,
      Thank you! That is exactaly the answer I was looking for. That is a fact.
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