Hare Krishna

Liberation is obtainable after many births and after great endeavour in patience and perseverance, in knowledge and renunciation. But simply by knowing in truth about the Lord's transcendental birth and activities, one can get liberation at once. That is the verdict of the Bhagavad Gita. Therefore those who think that the Lord's birth and activities in the material world are ordinary are certainly in the darkness of ignorance.

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  • Great statement!

  • Hare Krishna,

    "Simply by knowing in truth about the Lord's transcendental birth and activities, one can get liberation at once"

    Well, In  Srimad Bhagwatam  there is a katha of Dundhkaari and Gokarna. I guess you know it. If you don't know you can refer it.  Short form of that katha is Dundhkaari died and becomes a ghost ( as he done many illegal, illicit and transgressed all the 4 regulative principles) there was no way for him to get out of the preta yoni to go to higher planets leave about getting moksha.  But by the grace of his younger brother Gokarna who was a pure vaishnava and he does  Bhagwat sapthah with sole intention for giving relif to his elder brother Dundhkaari and wanting him to attain mukti. He performs Srimad Bhagwatam reciting. When the ghost tried to sit to listen to katha,..... becoz of lacking of body ( ghosts do not pocess material bodies)  he was unable to sit also as whenever he tried to sit he was lifted by air and was taken away. So he sat there in a bamboo peice of log which had 7 knotted places. and was hiding inside the hollow of the, bamboo peice and was silently listening with just one intention that he gets mukti. And soon..,  as a day of katha was over one knot used to break open. after 7 days completely all 7 knots broke and he was liberated. While everyone was watching,  this ghost got a beautiful divine body and was taken by Vishnu dhootas in an celestial aircraft to Vaikuntam.

    At that time all those listening to katha along with the ghost felt dejected and said alas! we all were also listening to katha and why only Dhundhkaari alone got liberated. We all also have heard the Transcendental Birth and activities of Supreme Lord Sri Krishna., then why are we still here? This was the question asked to Vishnu dhootas by the people present there along with Gokarna. Vishnu dhootas replied. The intention with which this ghost listened was to get liberated. While those of you who have listened had many more ideas in you minds. Some was listening just like mythological story, one was listening becoz it was amusing., some one was listening because he has no other work today to do.., few of you were listening with many many.. questions in your mind that How can Sri Krishna be God he is just like us. He did all rasleela, married so many woman., and He is doing all silly things like steal butter and running away from yavan king when attacked by Jarasandha. with so many thoughts and questions in ur minds you are listening but none of you really were listening with that one point focus and with a intention that This Bhagwatam is such a great scripture, that mere.. reciting, hearing or even just touching the book also it can give us liberation. You people have not that mood. Krishna resides in Scripture form,  that is Srimad Bhagwatam.  Bhavam ( emotional affection towards Lord)  is most important.  

    Lord's katha are known to all by tv serial kripa also, as so many tv serials have come now, that even general population of India atleast know one thing Krishna was born in jail and went to  to Vrindavan did leelas killed demons, lifted govardhan giri..that this... there he was stealing butter , stole clothes of gopis, did rasleela and then came to Mathura killed kamsa , went to Dwaraka and established a kingdom there, helped pandavas secure their kingdom back.  This much every Indian person knows. Does that mean all are going to get liberated? Answer is NO.

    People who just view it as some mythology or some fable or have not developed affection for Lord cannot understand Leelas's of Lord by mere hearing or watching some play.  One gets liberated by the two ways.. either listening from the mouth of a self realized soul or vaishnava acharya or one who listens katha with the only one pointed intention like Parikshit maharaj to get liberation from cycles of birth and death.

    Liberation is not a big procedure. The day you completely surrender with "Anya Abhilasha Shuniyan" It happens just in few seconds. As you know how Raja Katwang got liberated in just 48 seconds. But surrender takes a long time.  People who listen to Bhagwatam they are listening with many desires like some are wanting success in studies, or marriage or finance or with the intention of relief from present health problems. 

    Then after Vishnu dhootas left the place after giving them such and such instructions all those who gathered there requested Gokarna to start the katha once again and this time all of them were liberated at once. Bhava with which you hear is most important point.

    One more thing is.... Liberation is not our ultimate goal also. One who just like to be with Krishna enjoy leelas with Lord they don't look for liberation. All those gopi and gopa brajanganas and gopa balaks there even for one second also didn't think that this boy is unusal He is not like us. They just felt Lord is one among them. But this is out of LOVE for Lord and they were in Lord's yogamaya. This Duryodhana and Kamsa, Jarasandha  etc...,  also knew Lord's birth and activities but they didnt consider HIM as God. It is out of IGNORANCE. These people thought that Lord is like ordinary person.  

    Some new cultural belief systems ( Jains) think Krishna is responsible for all the mahabharat and so much blood shed. So now these idiotically believe that Krishna is in hell for His karmas as if Lord is bound to some karmas like humans. This is their opinion so they are also in ignorance. 

    When you see Lord's activities some of them are questionable, refutable like for dharma's sake or for Arjuna's sake Lord even created suddenly an ecplise ( fake sunset scene) to protect Arjuna in war against Jayadratha , you know right? But a bhakta will see this as leela of Lord and will not even have any questions in mind also simply accepts it as leela of God thats all. But those who keep on questioning for them only questions remain. Because our Lord is mysterious to such people anyways. 

    Some idiotic new generation think their can imitate Krishna's leelas and start producing stupid movies by the using Lord's name " Krishna and His leelas" such movies and producers are in big time darkness of Ignorance. They are doing a irrrepairable damage to themselves. 

    So, conclusion is not all are able to grasp the true nature of Lord's transcendental birth and activities and by simply knowing it without feeling it internally is just will create only unlimited questions and throws them more into a deep pit of darkness of ignorance.

    One thing is Lord is highly merciful so even these rascals who are doing something against Lord also or atheists who are always questioning Lord and His activities also are always thinknig about Lord Like Kamas and Duryodhana also for that matter these people they didn't believe in Lord's Supremacy or accept the Lord's activites and His birth are" divyam" tanscendental. But still these villans were thinking constantly about HIM :-) how to defeat Him. How many times Shrimati Radharani cried in sadness remembering Krishna that many times even Kamsa cried in fear and made plans how to kill Krishna. This is how these people also got liberated. Lord is so merciful see, he grants mukti to such rascals also who are opposite to him, who came to kill him also. By making them constanly remember HIM in negative emotion.

    So, sometimes we cannot shun a questioning inquistive atheist also. These people are questioning Lord's supremacy but they don't go away from Lord they are always thinking how to claim that there is no existence of God these people refer all texts and sciptures and read much more then a devotee. Just to increase their knowledge to defeat and fight a theist. Lord is so merciful to them look they are also doing negative publicity of Lord.  Only a Famous person who has a great name His name only can be tarnished. those who don't have any name who cares also for such people right?  Lord is merciful to these atheistis also He is making them read the scriptures and making them take HIS NAME so many times ( though negative way)..

    Lucky are those who are submissively accepting supremacy of Lord. they get anyways mukti. But bhakts don't want mukti even if Lord will give it for free also. Thats another thing ofcourse.

    One Story in this context which I am reminded of I think I should share it here :-

    There was Bhagwat saptah going on and a big arena tents were arranged many people gathered and class was going on. Maharaj was giving lecture sitting on Vyas peeth. all were getting exhausted tired, sleepy some were busy fanning themselves .. some ladies adjusting their clothes and talking in between one was saying hey....your saree is so beautiful.. where did you get it from how much it costs .. this how they were listening katha also in between ... 

    At that time .. one chor ( a robber) came there seeing the audience all busy in some activity he said to himself its good time here all are exhausted and all are careless wearing all gold right time to rob them. so he comes and sits there.... waiting for a good time to steal things. Just them Maharaj ji started his katha and told about the. . Krishna and balaram how they were decorated by their respective mothers with lot of jewellery .. Yasodha maiyya and rohini mata put krishna anklets, then waist belts, put moti mala and kaustuba jewel, coral ring .. valuvale stone studded jewellry , dangling beautiful glittering earrings. such and such descriptions was tempting for this robber. His focus was so much invested in that he could actually imagine that two mothers yashoda and rohini really decorating the Lords and then maharaj ji said the lords now ran racing towards jungle with some cows.  

    This chor was so into imagination about the jewellery and all he felt .. huh if only I get hold of these two kids .. I can live peacefully the rest of my life, so much gold on their body their.. thinking so.. he totally lost in that forget to rob other people, and with that one pointed intention to get hold of these two Lord.. he ran to Maharaj ji, putting a knife on his neck asked now tell me immediately where will i get these two kids. If you don't tell I will kill you. Maharaj ji didn't know what to tell. He said arey bhai.. this is written so in bhagwatam, so I am telling but..how can you get these Lord now. they belong to dwapar yuga and this is kaliyuga.( look here this maharaj ji is also doubting the supremacy of Lord and thinks Lord cannot come in Kaliyuga).. Chor didn't listen you are lying to me you just now said they ran to jungle. you want to hide that facts and wherabouts of jungle to protect those kids. But I swear I wont do anything to the kids. I will just take their jewels and If you want I can even share some of the profit with you, but you have to tell the name of the jungle. I am going there now itself. Maharaj ji was in a fix. He said okay this is pagal chor. so. , it is better I give him the address so he tell there is jungle called Vrindavan , go there you may or may not find those kids now. I am not sure but you can try.  Thanking the maharaj ji this chor left immediately to the vrindavan. Sat there near the Yamuna hiding in tree  watching carefully for the two Lords to come. Days passed. but this chor didn't move..2 days still no sight of the Lords. Chor totally forgot about eating , sleeping also. He was just constantly waiting. suddenly at the end of  2 days towards midnight the two Lords Krishna, balarama came there running ..These kids were fully loaded with gold. this chor got jumped from the tree rushed to them and caught hold of the two.

    Aha.. now I got you both. I have been waiting for this momment. See be good kids , I wont harm you both your body is so tender. You just give up all those which you are wearing saying so.. he spreads a cloth on the ground and the two Lord simply smiling at him gave away all the gold put into his sack cloth. The the chor said look i am not so bad person afterall. I want to give you one advice. the days are very bad. and this is jungle you shouldn't roam like this at this hour of night. I shall take you both and leave you both at ur home. And even give nice scolding to your mothers to not to put so much gold on the kids and send them to jungles there maybe thieves and wild animals also which can cause harm. So , talking this way holding the bag ladden with gold he walking ahead.. calls the kids come follow me I will leave you at ur home. Turns back there was no one behind.  this chor goes back to his town and meets the Maharaj ji again and knocks at the door .. the maharaj ji opens frightened seeing this robber again with knife. this time robber said don't be afaid i caught those those kids and collected all the gold, thanks for helping me so I came to give your share. 

    Maharaj ji was like oh! aaha!!!., the robber opens the bag to find only leaves and dried twigs. This robber was totally blancked out. What is this I only collected all the stuff. I saw those boys. Maharaj ji said what are you saying is it truth? did you really get to see Lord Krishna and Balarama??? Robber said I am very much sure. Because they looked exactly the way you have described and also wore the same jewels also. 

    Then Maharaj ji said,, arey fool you got the darshan of Lord Krishna and Balrama and you stole form THEM? How foolish are you. Even great rishi, muni cannot get a glimpse of Lord after long tapasya also you got HIM,  who is Choron ke chor. Thief of all thieves.  This robber then came to senses. He understood now that what folly he had done. He and the maharaj ji ran back to the same spot near yamuna bank sat there waiting again for the Lords to come. Now the thief was purified totally his consciouness was cleansed. He cried bitterly now for one darshan again for repenting for the sins and for asking useless things from Lord who is so mangananimous, Who can give us liberation ,, I becoz of my conditioning I have asked for small things and became greedy for wealth the thought..  This thief complete lost all his bad qualities in him and became a great devotee later and always meditating on Lord's form spent his days till the end near yamuna banks.

    In this story you can see all those people who were listening to the katha didn't feel so much into the katha and get connected to it. They were hearing but not listening. 

    after listening ( shravanam) it is mananam. Mananam is where you internalize, visualize and apply your own bhavam also and feel connected to Lord.

    Another katha--

     One woman who was listening to katha one time started to cry suddenly guru ji asked why are you crying? so much .. even all others were surpised. The katha that was going on was damodar leela. In that this woman visualized that Lord being tied to the okli using a big rope. The rope which was used to tie the cows. Guru ji tells ki... maiyya first tried to tie baby Krishna with her hair..taking  a strand from her hair. then as nothing was working she keeps extending ropes and whatever rope she finds she gets it to tie. even gopis brought many many ropes of all shapes size to tie Lord. 

    guru ji asked so what what made you cry here? the woman said when they tried to tie Lord with some tough ropes available even those ropes used for tying the cows,  the smooth and soft, tender... tummy of Lord was getting reddened with rashes caused by rubbing of the ropes and Lord was dragging the okli * mortar grinder with that harsh strong rope adding to more rash and it caused him to bleed from the sides of the tummy so I am crying.

    see look how much she got involved and visualized the pastime of Lord. Are everyone of us listening with the same intention  so much bhavam?? or reading with the same emotions for Lord. 

    Liberation can happen only then. Just by knowing one can get liberation yes.. but that knowing is having lot of internalization  and feeling emotions then only liberation is possible.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare Krishna

      If simply by knowing the transcendental nature of the birth and activities of the Lord one can get liberation easily, we can just imagine what is in store for those who actually enjoyed the company of the Lord in person as a family member or as a neighbour.

      All those who were fortunate enough to associate with the Lord, the husband of the goddess of fortune, certainly obtained something more than what is known as liberation.

      • Hare Krishna, nice realization!!!!

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