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Vedic knowledge must be transmitted 'as it is' received from the original source. For us the literature is the Bhaktivedanta literature and that is originally received from Lord Sri Krsna all the way to Srila Prabhupada. 

In fact, to teach us this principle Srila Prabhupada even named the exposition of Bhagavad-gita as Bhagavad-gita as it is. It denotes the parampara where nothing is added or subtracted from the previous acarya. 

Besides this is there any other principle to be followed?

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  • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

    Kindly check this out..

    Mundaka Upanishnad - Mundaka 1 - Chapter 2 - Verse 12
    परीक्ष्य लोकान्‌ कर्मचितान्‌ ब्राह्मणो निर्वेदमायान्नास्त्यकृतः कृतेन।
    तद्विज्ञानार्थं स गुरुमेवाभिगच्छेत्‌ समित्पाणिः श्रोत्रियं ब्रह्मनिष्ठम्‌ ॥
    parīkṣya lokān karmacitān brāhmaṇo nirvedamāyānnāstyakṛtaḥ kṛtena |
    tadvijñānārthaṁ sa gurumevābhigacchet samitpāṇiḥ śrotriyaṁ brahmaniṣṭham ||
    And the thing i know is... if someone uses the knowledge.. to help and to heal the people, he/she does good work ..   whereas one uses the knowledge.. to harm the people, he/she does bad work.
    Eventually, i would say as an example that.. my maternal grandfather was an ayurvedic vaidya and he had the vedic knowledge related to mantras.. and used to heal or treat patients through both of them, i mean..  through the ayurvedic medicines and the vedic knowledge..
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna..  Krishna Krishna Hare Hare..
    Hare Rama Hare Rama..  Rama Rama Hare Hare..
  • Hare Krishna,

    Besides reading the original text " bhagwad gita as it is" which is directly coming as parampara from Krishna to Srila Prabhupada we need grace of the guru who will be a guide in real time to take you back to Godhead + the person reading should have shradhha ( faith) + Vinaya (humbleness).

    It is said bina shradhha and bina Vinaya no education is fruitful.

    One must have faith in the system and one much be very humble to accept what is given in the text.  One can question to learn more in detail but not to question guru to make fun of him or gauge his knowledge.

    above all there should be Krishna's grace. without Guru kripa and krishna kripa it is impossible to understand Bhagwad gita. 

    Now, Srila Prabhupada's purports are self explanatory and one can read them and understand the text it is easy to read and comprehend by all those who know English.

    But the thing which they lack is faith in what is told.

    Reading comprehending some text book even a 10th grader can do it.  But to grasp and implement the main idea into our lives only a live guru teaches. One who goes to school learns many things like how to handle peer pressure, how to take a test and complete in the time given, how to talk to elders and teachers softly in humble way, how to behave with those labors ( like bell ringer, cleaner, janitor etc etc). how to behave with principal of the school., how to speak softly and effectively communicate the message....... etc etc. bascially practical knowledge you get not from books.

    Practical knowledge you get when you are exposed to real life circumstances and how to deal with those circumstances a guru can teach.

    For suppose--

    Krishna tells in Bhagwad gita... Don't do adharma, Don't tell lie, Don't steal Do not over eat, do not over sleep. Body is not to be foldled and cared too much neither body is discard. we must take care of this body only as a traveller uses his horse for reaching the journey and leaves it once destination arrives.  These all chapters are nice to read but to be followed and implemented it is difficult.

    A living guru can impart the practical knowledge how to deal with circumstances.  Ofcourse life itself teaches us in many ways so many things as time comes. But a guru knows before hand the circumstances that would be coming and give us practical knowledge how to deal with such a situation.

    Look,  there are so many motivational speakers now a days on youtube they guide us but those who are Krishna conscious and their method of motivation is totally different from rest of the motivational speakers.

    the guru who is Krishna conscious will motivate you and channel you ( whenever you go astray away from the path) to come back to Krishna. Other motivational speakers they channel you guide you to be focussed on material things. This is the difference.

    AND TO HAVE GURU KRIPA AND KRISHNA KRIPA you need two things Vinaya and Shraddha.

    Bina Vinaya ke gyan jo hota hai na woh sirf ek van mein palta hua Vriksha ki tarah hota hai. ( the one who gets knowledge without humbleness becomes prideful and he or she is like a tree growing in a forest  not useful to people), and in pride he will do more mistakes. Pride of knowledge and how to curb that is taught by a guru. When you humbly seek his blessing and bow ur head in front of a living person whomever you consider to be ur guru. There is fall of ur ego and pride of knowledge vanishes.

    One must learn to bow down to guru and serve him and question him and learn from him what is what and in this way his false pride of knowledge is vanished.

    Chapter 4, Verse 34

    Just try to learn the truth by approaching a spiritual master. Inquire from him submissively and render service unto him. The self-realized soul can impart knowledge unto you because he has seen the truth.

    To summarize,

    you need --1. Guru kripa 2. Shradha 3. Vinaya ( humbleness) 4. above all Hari Kripa. 5. Past life Sukriti.

    So many life times have passed we have not touched BG till this life time. We are getting this oppurtunity to read and understand BG is due to some past Sukriti also and some senior devotees blessings.

    Hare Krishna




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    • Hare Krishna Mataji 

      Perhaps you misunderstood the question. I didn't ask how one can understand the literature. The question is how can one transmit the knowledge without adulteration etc.

      • That too only happens when the person who transmitts the knowledge took knowledge from his aacharya who is following a traditional samparadaya.

        It cannot be trasmitted freely to anyone. It cannot be transmitted also.

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