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Please share their differences as well as similarities in detail. 

Thank you.

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If lived like an atheist and unfortunately landed in hell as per books then you are fucked man. 

Atheists don't end up in hell. It's the individual's karma that takes one there.

Disbelief in God, doesn't count as karma. It's considered as one''s personal belief.  

And next time refrain yourself from using foul language. You need to realize that we're in a religious forum.

When will people stop wasting time and fighting for God, in the name of God? 

And what makes you think that I'm fighting in the name of God? lol. None of my posts here gives even the slightest bit of hint, that I'm here to promote my own preffered sect / deity or philosophy. 

Learning about different sampradias, is not the same as, being partial to a sampradia.

{{Some people don't even use their brains and start assuming a lot of things. lol }}

This post is completely uncalled for. YOu have used foul language. You are requested to delete this post immediately. 

This is a religious forum - it does not promote hatred, for any sect or religion. 

Pls delete this post immediately.


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