Wasting semen is equal to Abortion?

Hare Krishna,

As per scriptures, A soul is sent to earth via rain, where he takes shelter in grains, and when they are eaten by man, animal or bird, that soul gets shelter in his semen. And When that semen is injected to woman, he gets finally the desired body. 

But since today we see that mostly youngsters are uncontrollably watching pornographic content and wasting their semen like anything, so what would be the condition of those sheltered souls in it? Will their chance of Getting human life gets wasted and they keep flowing in the gutters? 


And if this is so, then all the boys must be responsible for snatching the chances of those souls for getting human life. It then seems equal to Abortion. and maybe those boys will also be flushed in gutters when in next life they have to take shelter in it, and also, Now those souls will get another shelter where and when, only God knows. So is this understanding correct or not?


Because on other hand, i  don't think krsna would made such a weak system for a soul to take human life. In which  just one waste of semen will snatch his chance of human life?


Also, I also have doubt that why Krsna made such a arrangment that already Maya is so strong that it forces us to watch sensual content and waste valuable energy, then on other hand, he also gave place to those souls inside the male semen, so that person has to think thousand times before wasting it. It's like a deadlock condition for both. unnecessarily that person becomes responsible for sin similar to abortion. Just for simply wasting a bodily fluid.


Pls help to clarify this.





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  • In the modern age two temptations are very difficult to overcome ?

    1. Meat eating

    2. sex or masturbation.

        Meat eating can be stopped.

        But to come out of lust is very very difficult.

        If we can achieve this, thats it. we will be happy.

        We must stop watching all kinds movies, tv, internet, phone.

         should not look at billboards, wallposters etc.,

        and should not be lonely, 

  • Dear friend,

      Once a person is trapped by lust, it is very difficult for him to get out of it.

      Moreover, one must not read puranas until he starts living a pious life.

       Becoz, what will happen is, he is too weak to resist the temptation of sinning.

       And he starts comparing himself with mahaatmas in puranas.

       This gives rise to guilty feelings and lead to depression.


  • Hare Krishna,

       Dear friend,

          I would like to share my thoughts regarding masturbation.

    The normal feelings between man and woman are romantic and lovely in nature.

    Not sexual. It is not pleasing for a man see a naked women or a woman in bikini. ( atleast in the real world )

    Naturally men hate seeing vulgar , naked bikini women in the real world. I personally feel like vomitting.


      But rascals ( may be agents of kalipurusha ) made pictures of prostitutes with different enticing poses, 

      shot with cameras, which are delusional in nature.

       They are more appealing to men and capable of arousing    lusty feelings in enormous amounts.

         Inotherwords wallpapers and pictures of lusty prostitutes are delusional. Not the real women.

        Inotherwords, camera worked as a wonderful tool for saitan to delude the minds of men.


        I strongly feel, before the invention of camera men were quite normal and not lusty.


       When  they invented camera, the rascals started the photoshoots of lowly women. They started showing sex between a man and woman both in pictures and movies.

        And hardcore pornography is the pinnacle of delusion.

       There is a saying that one must not watch the animals doing sex. Now they started showing sex of humanbeings which is highly delusional.


        When a man watches kissing, sex, pictures of women in western clothing , no one can save him from the delusion.

        The men who raped children told that they were effected by pornography.


       Now I understand why some muslims banmed even paintings.

        They believe that pictures of living beings more delusional.


         Please share your thoughts.


    • Muslims are an example of how external restrictions don't work, at least in Europe, full of their heinous sex-related crimes.
      Higher taste is the way to go.

      Hari Hari
      ys J.

  • This process with rain etc. is for those coming from Svarga. How exactly it goes for other jivas, I can't say for sure but they are managed by higher authorities.
    Abortion is something else - an intervention into already running process. The bad feeling for the mother who undergoes it is really torturing.
    For the rest see my answer from May 3 in "Adultery and masturbation".

    Hari Hari
    ys J.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    A fertilised egg is already taken birth in the womb of mother. Not allowing that baby to come in this world by destroying in the womb is called abortion. Discharge of semen alone cannot be called abortion by any stretch of imagination.

    If the discharge didnt result in pregnancy, the soul will continue its journey. It could depend on case to case - maybe some soul had that much sukriti only, to enter a human semen and end in a gutter. Maybe some other soul will again enter a human semen. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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