Suicide in Hinduism

I am a bit confused about suicide. According to lord krishna we should be doing karma all the time and shouldn't worry about its consequences. So why suicide is considered bad in hinduism. It is also a kind of karma.

Rukmini also wrote to krishna that she would commit suicide if Krishna refused to comply. Sati committed suicide after her father abused lord Shiva.

If somebody commits suicide to complete his/her oath what will it be considered.


Kindly put some light on it...

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  • Srimad-Bhagavatam 3.14.24- Ghosts and suicide

    "Ghosts are bereft of a physical body because of their grievously sinful acts, such as suicide. The last resort of ghostly characters in human society is to take shelter of suicide, either material or spiritual. Material suicide causes loss of the physical body, and spiritual suicide causes loss of the individual identity."

  • hari bol,

               i have heard and confirmed that after sucide person most of time becomes GHOST. it is type of hellish treatment i mean one is problem 1 and after sucide he gets in to problem 1 + problem n (n is variable = no. of desires)

    conclusion: if some one dies in suicide or accident we must pray and feed vaishnavas for his easy journey to GOLOK.

    if one morsel of Krishna Prasad distribution is credited to dead person account he will be given elevation to nice birth same moment.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Prabhuji. Please Accept my humble obeisances. All Glories to Srila Prabhupada


    I am a bit confused about suicide. According to lord krishna we should be doing karma all the time and shouldn't worry about its consequences. So why suicide is considered bad in hinduism. It is also a kind of karma.*/

    "According to lord krishna we should be doing karma all the time and shouldn't worry about its consequences" , we should know what kind of KARMA Lord Krishna told us to do else we end up mis representing Lord Krishna's word.We can learn about different type of karmar from BG. Let see what BG says: 

    BG 4.17: The intricacies of action are very hard to understand. Therefore one should know properly what action is, what forbidden action is, and what inaction is.

    In the above verse Krishna talks about three kind of action namely Karma (action), Akarma (inaction) , Vikarma (forbidden action). now let us further analysis these three.

    Karma(Action) : acting according to the modes of nature one has aquired which is prescribed in shastras. e.g duties mentioned in Karma-Kanda section of vedas. This kind of action has frutitive reaction. e.g elevation to heavenly planet.

    Akarma ( Inaction) : work in Krishna Consciousness (selfless devotional service to Krishna) . Results will be elevation to spiritual world.

    Vikarma(forbidden action) : sinful action that is rejected or stated criminal by shastras. result of this kind of action is hellish life.

    Now sucide comes under Vikarma or forbidden action according to shastras ref. Manu samhita. So Krishna doesn't tells us to do Vikarma. He is clearly instructing to do Akarma i.e work as an offering to HIM(Krishna).

    BG 5.12: The steadily devoted soul attains unadulterated peace because he offers the result of all activities to Me; whereas a person who is not in union with the Divine, who is greedy for the fruits of his labor, becomes entangled.

    So we should not misinterpret Krishna's word rather devote our time to understand what is what actually. So yes Sucide is forbidden action.

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    if one does suicide he won't be able to evaluate into another body. He will stay in the subtle body for thousands of years. and to stay in subtle body means to see everyone but can not even touch someone. or eat something or drink. In this way for example, one's wife will betray the husband who did suicide and that time husband in subtle body hears everything but can not reply and how much will he suffer.

    or someone will beat her daughter or do some other things and he will see all things but can not help. what a hellish life?

    or he sees how people enjoy their senses by eating, drinking ...but he can not do that again suffering.


    we have some particular desires which we have to fulfill in this particular body. but if we stop the functions of the body that karma will still remain. It means there are amount joys and suffers we have to suffer or enjoy if we do not have gross body that karma can not be washed away.

    As Nama Priya Mataji told, our body is not ours. It belongs to Krishna. For example, if Brahmana does suicide or destroys his brahmana body he will become far worse ghost called Brahma Rakshasa.

    and he will suffer more than other simple ghosts because the body of a brahmana is very precious - very expensive.


    it says that if one hears Vaishnava apparadha has to do one of the next 3 things:

    1. to leave that place as immediately as possible

    2. to concur the  offender by opposite arguments

    3. or to commit suicide

    and here suicide is the last and is done in a very special worst moments.

    Your servant, 

    • hare Krishna Prabhujis n Mataji,

      dear Mohit Agrawal  prabhuji,

      all this religious books, shastras, vedas  keep on reminding us that our body is quite insignificant, its just an illusion,it doesn't exist, its material and we get attached to it....

      but on the contrary if we don't have this body, we can't even pray n we can't even achieve Krishna.i heard we get this body once after crossing about 84 lakh various wombs. means after becoming all monkeys,fishes,birds,rats... .all sorts of insects, animals.. one good point we get this human form.

      meaning human body is quite rare... ... u never know after how many thousands of years later u will get it again.

      so once we get this human body, we try attaching to it, to its relatives, to its material things... start calling many things as my & mine.  like my car, my house, my friend, my mom, my body...

      so instead of wasting/destroying this Precious gift.... by suicide.

      rather we shuld try to achieve Krishna Conscious ...which would be full of bliss, eternal love of lord

      n to achieve Krishna Conscious n to get liberation u need this body.....

      just think about it.... ...

      hare krishna......!!

  • Hare Krishna Mohit Prabhu,

    Suicide is certainly not allowed because life is given by lord and can be taken by him only. The three cases that you cited involve either Guru or his instructions.

    Barbarik offered on the instruction of Sri Krishna who is the lord of this universe so his action was actually most pious.Serving Krishna with what he was asked for.

     Sati  found herself in a state where she could go nowehere.She had disobeyed the instructions of her Guru(Shiva) and come to her father's house.Upon suffering humilation about her Guru's status, she felt that not only she did wrong to her Guru by disobeying, but by witnessing the humilation, she indirectly supported it.Guru Droh(rebellion) is said to be the biggest offense. Actually it is not true that she committed suicide.The power of chastity of a chaste woman can burn anyone who offenses against her.In this case , she herself was the reason for the committed offese so she got burnt by the power itself(ofcourse she wished for it).She didn't actually strike a match or anything. In India the saying "sati ho gayee" meaning a woman became sati rather than "sati kar diya" meaning they made her a sati.The power comes from within.The external sati of immolating brides is a crime as there are external fuels which burn the bride.

    Rukmini's letter to Krishna should be taken more in a spirit of a longing bride waiting to meet her chosen paramour, rather than a literal threat to suicide.From the words, we should try to see the intensity of love she had for him.When Krishna left for Mathura,there are many instances when the Gopis cried that their life was now a waste.They tried to stop Krishna's chariot by tying their hair to it. We should not see it as an attempt to commit suicide, rather see the intensity of love they had for Krishna. 

    • Bhaktin NamaPriya jee,

      Sati was wife of Shiva. She was Dakshayani and came to Shiv jee as Aparna and she was self fulfilled in knowledge. She was devotee of Shiv jee, but no less than HIM. However, as Pravati form, Shiv jee gave her knowledge of Agam and Nirgam (the pure Tantra), which is about Das Mahavidya, that is again Sati HERSELF. She never had a Guru relationship with Shiv jee, as I know. Correct me if I missed anything.

      However I must say, I like your explantion on her power and chastity of pure woman and the power that comes out of it. Many bows.

      Hare Krsna,



      • Hare Krishna Sharnagat Prabhu,

        Shiva was the Guru of Sati because 

        1. He was her husband.

        2.He is the spiritual master of the universe

      • Mild correction here: Agama and Nigama are dialog. She, in her womanly humility towards her husband,  accepted knowledge about HERSELF from Shiv jee. In Parvati form, SHE along with Shiv jee, delivered knowledge for the world to practice it, if they want to. So if Shiv jee is Guru in one (agama)then Mata is Guru in other.(nigama).

        But your posts are very insightful and thought provoking, many thanks.

        Hari Bol!

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