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I would like to know about the sub divisions of Goloka, like Dwarka, Mathura, Jagannath Puri etc.

As per the Goloka chart/diagram which is available online, goloka is surrounded by svetadvipa. And this is mentioned in Brahma Samhita (the location of svetadvipa). 

But i can't find any information on the other regions of Goloka like, Dwarka, Mathura, Jagannath Puri etc.

In the chart/diagram, Dwarka, Mathura and Jagannath Puri, have been depicted in different colors for the ease of understanding and they have been portrayed as lying outside the white swetadwipa. But i can't find any verse from the scriptures that speaks of their locations.

So on what basis were those 3 regions drawn outside svetadwipa?  Is it mentioned in the scriptures?

If yes, then can someone please provide me with those verses?


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Guess no one's gonna reply here. Either they themselves haven't gone through their scriptures and so they don't have the answer to my question ... or they must be holding a grudge against me for replying back to one of their rude members here, who don't have the decency to talk to other fellow devotees.

Anyhoo, i dont think i can expect much from this community.

Hare Krishna,
Brahma Samhita verse which gives the information about goloka is given above pls. refer.

The Brahma Vaivarta Purana explicitly describes Goloka Vrindavan to be about 500 million yojanas (4 billion miles) above Vaikuntha loka and expands till 30 million yojanas (240 million miles). The depiction is similar with a verse found in brahma samhita 5.43.
Please refer to the videos below to understand in detail the structure of Goloka.
Hare Krishna.

The Chaitanya-caritamrita by Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami has some important verses that summarize what many of the Vedic texts describe, and explain the nature of the spiritual world. In the Adi-lila portion of his book, Chapter Five, we find that the spiritual sky is called Vaikuntha, which means where there is no anxiety. It is all-pervading, infinite, and the supreme abode. It is filled with innumerable spiritual planets, each of which is a residence of one of the unlimited expansions of the Supreme Being. The highest planet is called Krishnaloka, which is the residence of Lord Krishna Himself, the source of all other expansions of God. It is divided into the divisions of Dvaraka, Mathura, and Gokula. All of these divisions also appear on earth where the Supreme Being comes to display His pastimes. Gokula, also called Vraja and Vrindavana, is the highest of all. These abodes that appear on earth are expansions of the supreme spiritual atmosphere and nondifferent in quality to the places in the spiritual world.

please refer to the videos to understand more clearly ( 43:20 seconds).

Vrindavan- only madhurya rasa. 

Chaturvyuha outside the swetadwipa is mixed with Ashiwarya and knwoledge of Krishna's opulence becoz of this they are placed outside the swetadwipa.

When you know knowledge of krishna's opulences then you respect HIm like God and cannot love him that is the difference.

In Vrindavan there is completely love for Krishna.. They don't bother that Krishna is God.

go thru the it is clearly explained.

Hare Krishna.

Thank you Gayatri, I'll surely go thru those videos that you recommended and let you know if there arises any confusions from my side.

May i know what is chaturvyuha? You wrote above that Chaturvyuha is outside svetadvipa.

Hare Krishna,

From Lord Kṛṣṇa come the catur-vyūha, the quadruple expansions Saṅkarṣaṇa, Aniruddha, Pradyumna and Vāsudeva.

Those vidoes above are quite explanatory. If you can spare time to watch all the videos you will get all the information you need.

Sveta dwipa is divided into 4 poritions. ( watch the 2nd vid from 38:00 minutes). These portions are the abodes of Vasudeva, pradhymna, anirudhha and Sankarshana. Those are abodes of Mathura and Dwaraka.

CC Madhya 20.186, Translation: 

“The chief quadruple expansions are named Vāsudeva, Saṅkarṣaṇa, Pradyumna and Aniruddha. These are called prābhava-vilāsa. First expansion of Krishna is Balaram and Balaram expands into Adi chaturvuya  ie., vasudeva, sankarshana, pradhymna and Anirudhha.

In CC it is said that..chaturvyuha eternally resides in Mathura and Dwaraka.

This is outside Vrindavan why? becoz in Mathura and Dwaraka we see Krishna is more worship ed for his opulences ashwarya roopa. In the Krishna loka and /goloka and vrindavans ( in the center of the lotus and petals areas and the sweta dwipa regions all are having Madhurya rasa.

45:00 seconds watch the video 2nd vid pls. you will understand everything.

If you further have doubts you may ask.


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