Urmila Mataji has a wonderful video posted here.

She discusses how there are only two rules in the spiritual world. 1. one must love Krishna and the devotees. 2. And the other is No envy.


Rupa Gosvami tells us how to recognize the 3 classes of devotees. 1. A Beginner chants Hare Krishna. 2. The next  class, one take innitiation. 3. A pure devotee has no propensity within his heart to critidize others.

That means not only does he not criticize others, but he does not even have that within.


OMGOPALA! I find this extreamly difficult. It seems that Srila Prabhupada has taught us how to discriminate and be critical thinkers. But on the other hand we have to be free from criticism if we want to become pure.  I realze now how much dirt I have on me and how much work I have in front of me. Mainly we just have to Just contol this wicked mind, which is dragging us from one dirty place to another. She gives very useful ways how to control this propensity to criticize others. I highly recommend everyone to view and listen carefully and try to practice this art.

I am convinced this is the main thing holding me back from making any advancement.

Imagine a world without criticism. It exists in Goloka! Lets make our hearts ready! Lets go there!


Hare Krishna!


See in the Video section.



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