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Hare Krishna , PAMHO

                   Souls in the Material world have been here (Material World) since Eternity then how do we have our  Original Predestined Swarupa in the Spiritual world which was already there and we just go back and attain that Form ? 

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Below are some information from, though I am not sure if that answers the question.

VāsudevaKṛṣṇa, is everything. This is the greatest lesson of Bhagavad-gītā, Everything is Kṛṣṇa’s energy, and whatever we see is but an exhibition of two types of energy. Everyone knows that the sun has two types of energy—heat and light. Similarly, Kṛṣṇa has an external energy and an internal energy, and He also has a marginal energy, which is a mixture of the other two. The external energy is this material world, the internal energy is the spiritual world, and the marginal energy is the living entity. The living entity is marginal because he can remain in the material world or the spiritual world. Bhagavad-gītā describes two types of living entities, kṣara and akṣara,those living in the material world and those in the spiritual world. Those who have fallen into the material world are attracted by the tree of saṁsāra, the banyan tree of material existence described in Bhagavad-gītā(Fifteenth Chapter).


Sometimes it is asked how the living entity falls down from the spiritual world to the material world. Here is the answer. Unless one is elevated to the Vaikuṇṭha planets and is directly in touch with the Supreme Personality of Godhead, he is prone to fall down, either from the impersonal Brahman realization or from an ecstatic trance of meditation. Another word in this verse, bhagavad-bāṇaḥ, is very significant. Bāṇaḥ means “arrow.” The bhakti-yoga system is just like an arrow aiming up to the Supreme Personality of Godhead. The bhakti-yoga system never urges one toward the impersonal Brahman effulgence or to the point of Paramātmārealization. This bāṇaḥ, or arrow, is so sharp and swift that it goes directly to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, penetrating the regions of impersonal Brahman and localized Paramātmā.

- Hare Krishna

Hare krishna ,Dandavats

             As there are two kinds of Souls Nitya baddha ( Living in material world from Time Unknown) & Nitya Sidhha (Living in the Spiritual World From Eternity) . Now my Question is  a Nitya Baddha ,who has been there in Material world since Eternity have a Swarupa in Spiritual World which he just re-attains . How come He has a Swarupa in Spiritual world which he re-attains when he has been living in Material World from Time Infinity?

Good question. I suggest You to read acharyas books attentively and You will get proper answer to this question. 

Some souls are eternally in material world. We get swarupa if we do Bhakti. We don't have swarupa yet. But if we do Bhakti desiring particular rasa with Krsna then we will achieve that. 

Your servant, 

The soul which is called atma is transcendental observer inside material body. Because its transcendental, it can not be touched by material energy in any way, but because of illusion created by Lord, soul misidentifies with material body and its activities.

Considering all that, there is no question of ''falling''  from some location in the universe,

or out of it, because atma is all pervading :

SB 7.7.19-20“Ātmā” refers to the Supreme Lord or the living entities. Both of them are spiritual, free from birth and death, free from deterioration and free from material contamination. They are individual, they are the knowers of the external body, and they are the foundation or shelter of everything. They are free from material change, they are self-illuminated, they are the cause of all causes, and they are all-pervading. They have nothing to do with the material body, and therefore they are always uncovered. With these transcendental qualities, one who is actually learned must give up the illusory conception of life, in which one thinks, “I am this material body, and everything in relationship with this body is mine.”


Anyway, because  Lord is cause of all causes and all pervading,  His parcels are to .

We all know that our temporary material body is not our original form, but what about in spiritual world like Vaikuntha?

Jaya and Vijaya fell down in material world from Vaikuntha and lost their 4 hands form, then entered demons forms. The entity  who lost that one body, and who entered  another,  is original and unchangeable, all pervading transcendental Atma. 

Sri Prahlada learned  Absolute Truth from Devarishi Narada, and we can learn the same from him. In this way, the broken parampara chain can be again connected.


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