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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I believe you are in India. Though most items are having onion garlic, you will still find enough items without onion garlic, esp in North India. Now, in trains, sattvik food has been introduced on request. Link is there with me. I can whatsapp you if you want.

    There is devotee network also who provide prasadam in different city (local devotees).

    Ketchup without onion garlic is also available in most Indian brands. Even instant noodles is available without onion garlic masala.

    We are trying to do sadhana to pelase the lord, it may involve some austerity. Our efforts to do so is pleasing to the lord.

    Be resolute prabhu, things will work out. Opt for Jain food wherever you can, then there will be no problem.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD


    • Thank you for reply

      I am more stressed about onion garlic than any other offence in bhakti. It is not that i like to eat onion garlic and having difficulty leaving but i have started hating onion garlic more than anything. As long as i am in my house it is not a problem. I also dont eat any sweet food and maida because of some problem. 

  • Hare Krishna,

    Whenever we travel, we take small package of rice and some chutney's or pickles and a small electric cooker. The hotels have electric outlets ( usually we charge phones etc) na,  That outlet we can use for electric cooking of rice, or pongal. 

    Pongal is kinda like kichdi , you can carry bag of rice mixed with mung dal and put in pressure cooker small salt and ghee and it tastes so nice. 

    we can buy amul or any good brand curd /yogurt and mix with rice and eat with pickle. It would be wholesome food and full vaishnav meal and 100% nutritious cum delicious. Can take some fruits or buy some fruits like bananas which are very filling.

    If not boil som milk in the same electric pressure cooker and put some oats add some sugar and bring it to one boil and serve garnishing with nuts and berries, apples and bananas. Great meal.

    Hare Krishna.

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