Onion, Garlic and Chanting

 I won't be at home for 2-3 days because of the Upnayan-Sanskara (Thread ceremony) of my cousin. Eating onion and garlic is common there in my maternal family. People will eat in a group at the banquet. There it would be rice, pulse (contains onion), vegetables (contains onion), so how can I survive there? I cannot even request not to add onion, nor I can rebuff to go there.

There I cannot even chant. If I do so, everyone will think that I am trying to show off to be sanctimonious because they know how I was before.


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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuiji,


    Very happy to see your sincere desire to follow the 4 regulative principles. I dont know whihc part of the country you are in. In North India still it is possible to get something from the menu without onion garlic. South India is more difficult. The trick is to find out what all is there on the menu without onion garlic and have that or atleast more of that. 

    Examples are: Curd Rice with pickle, poori with raita and pickle. Pick and choose to the extent possible. Rely more on fruits and drink more. Dont tell anyone. If your mother understands your heart, ask her if she will support you by telling you quietly what all you can have or serving your plate and giving you. So you dont need to reveal in front of everyione.

    Regarding chanting, chant extra rounds before going. On the way, chant on clicker/ fingers. When you are there for the ceremony, chant mentally on fingers or clicker. Manage.

    It will be a good experience of resilience.

    Do come back and tell us how it went.


    Your servant

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • same happens with me..though it is not stopped till onion and garlic..but meat is a regular meal...we  have no solution to this but to wait till we grow up.We are still depended on our parents and we really cant disobey them coz they gave us a life..but even if requesting them, and making them understand doesnt work, then the only way is chanting..and if u cant chant loudly, chant it in ur mind..hari will save u..as he always does..he will not let u suffer long...this are just the exams he are taking ..he is watching whether u remember him in all times..hare krishna

    • Hare Krishna Mataji, By Krishna's grace, my mother understood me. But I am afraid for these upcoming 2-3 days. I am a beginner, and If I have not been eating onion and garlic for the last 2 months. If I eat, my sadhana will fall down. Oh Krishna, pls save me!

      • true ...only krishna knows how to save you.same condition here


        • Very well said Vrinda devi dasi mata ji, ya Krishna can only save prabhu ji from this predicament. But I am wondering such an austere function like upananya cermony... which is done mostly to take up brahamincal initiation .. do they cook such food at all?

          If someone is cooking such foods then there is no need of brahamincal thread cermony itself. It is mere show off that means. Rest I don't know. 

          • exactly mataji..this is extreme kaliyug .The yug of showing off and never doing things purely.

          • Hare Krishna, 

            I asked the same question to Dina Das Prabhu on the official website of ISKCON. About onion and garlic, he told me onion and garlic contain less Tamsik, if you will be there for only 2-3 days it will not harm you. I asked him that I am preparing myself for initiation, I have been following 4 rules for 2 months if I eat onion and garlic accidentally or forcefully or In compulsion, will I have to start by counting from 0. He replied, "not at all"


            About chanting, he also suggested me the way of mansik seva.

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