Hare Krishna,

I have had the Supreme Personality of God head Shree Krishna Dharshan by eyes and communicated with Lord Krishna but I was from Shudra family from Karnataka but to chant 16 rounds japa it took 3 years. I need a guru from ISKCON. I have highest reverence for A. C. Bhaktivedantha Swami Prabhupada Ji.

My email vishwa24051990@gmail.com and Phone number 8884125369

My Guru can contact me at the above contact to reveal the Supremacy of Bagwan and guide me on the path to Lord Krishna 🙏🙏🙏

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Funny never seen such advertisement seeking a guru. Krishna and Rama also being God's themselves went to do seva for a guru and humbly learnt things from them.

    I don't see that humbleness here.  

    If you really want to find a guru. Go to nearby temple and do seva for some guru whom you find affinity for with  whom you feel openess and with whom you feel you can confide in him every secret of your life and don't fee a bit of shame also in doing so. With such a guru only you can confess all ur dark secrets and cleanse your paap ( sins).

    When you do service sincerely to a guru who ever you feel very connected to. The guru if he feels that you are very humble enough to recieve knowledge will surely shower his grace.

    what type of seva?

    you must be able to do any type of seva even pressing the guru's feet or fanning him or any menial service also to get the grace.

    This type of advertising " hey guru contact me" this is so funny.

     But I know you are simpleton and don't know the way to approach a guru.. and out of ignorance you are doing this :-) it's okay 

    Hare Krishna

    • Hare Krishna,


      Revered A. C. Baktivedanta Swami Prabhupada Ji say uttering name of Krishna itself is equivalent to seeing Krishna I remeber his words now.

      Jai Shree Ram🙏🙏🙏

    • Hare Krishna,

      I cannot ask the devotee of the Lord who will be my Guru have you seen Krishna ?? That question Lord Krishna does not like such words from me for a guru from me as he is a devotee of the Lord. I am 100 percent sure I get a my disired Guru from ISKCON only. He is certainly searching for one like me. We search each other one day Lord will make us meet.

      Jai Narasimha Dev 🙏🙏🙏

    • Hare Krishna,

      Thanks for your humble comments. The only point why I put like this here is I want my guru also had seen Krishna like me that's it. If I find my guru I expect I am certainly be like his son has Prabhupada Ji Said. That is more than a son we see on earth but fully spiritually connected with him.

      • Oh I see you want a guru who has seen Krishna like you. I saw krishna too. But I cannot be a guru. Btw?? where and how did you get Krishna's darshan is it in dream or in visions while chanting Pls. explain. I would love to hear how you got darshan. Thanks!

        Some other devotees here told me they also have seen Krishna. They are also not gurus.

        Qualification of a guru is the one who follows the principles laid by previous aacharyas' perfectly.  I am also 100% sure you will get a guru soon. As you are so eager to get one.

        May Krishna bless you with a guru ( who has seen Krsna).

        • I was 4 years old I used to immitate Krishna and Love him after some time since then when I get little older like 10 I have assosiated myself with my family diety I used to think like god is not there when I turned 14 that is also a way of searching god.  Then Connection lost when I was in final year engineering I met ISKCON folks I was sleeping in rotten state and rembering how geetha is I should have read it once like that perhaps it was a the geetha day someone knocked the door ISKCON people holding bagavadgeetha I was shocked to see that I was not knowing it was geetha day. I got the book from them. I had prasadam once with them since then again connection lost. 5 years later I was too much attrcated by a girl in my office I always used to remeber her. I went to Krishna so that he will give that girl to me because he is Bagwan so again I read Bagawad geetha in mean time I also used to chant only 2 rounds but always remembering Krishna I always used think I should have born in Brahmin family as my family is not supportive on Onion and garlic. I was not following it as well. One day I bought tilak from I Iskcon folks I wanted to put it on my forehead  that is the only place I put the tilak that day. I saw so many things whole throughout that night and I never slept that day I saw myself attrcated to Radha Rani. I also cried I am not Brahmin in the morning I simply sat on the floor with lot of ego without proper knowledge meditataing as like almighty all power full Lord Vishnu. I know I am Prakrit and He is Purusha but that time there was so many questions and answers went on whole throughout that night when I was sitting on the floor thinking Krishna please answer my queries why can't I be Vishnu Like that. Suddenly Around 6am Mukunda Madhava Keshawa appered I just opened my eyes I stood up doing Namaskar I was not able to stand my heart was paining very heavily around some secons not more than 30 seconds there was communication without any language between me and Lord Krishna. He explained all the doubts just in no time I remeber I saw him looking my eyes up above his waist portion he is still there My heart was too much paining I requested Lord If you do not disappear my heart pain won't go I also expressed my one disire of mine at last he just disappeared in that time. This world we are all born because of our ego with Lord Krishna and Jealousy as Guru Prabhupada Ji tells we are servents of Lord just prakrit. We will be trained here to go back as Guru Prabhupada Ji explains. All glories to Guru Prabhupada Ji

          Radhe Krishna Gopi Krishna,

  • Next time you meet Krishna maybe ask Him for Guru)?

    • Hare Krishna Thanks for the reply but I definitely get Guru soon from ISKCON🙏

  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna

    While your eagerness to take shelter of guru is appreciated, it doesn't work like that. Sharing you personal contact details is not encouraged. It cannot be expected that guru will contact disciple. It is dangerous to share your contact details like this and expect someone to contact you as your guru. Anyone could misuse it. Please refrain from such acts. Kindly pray to Krsna to guide you a bonafide devotee whose shelter you maytake. 

    Hare Krsna

    • Thanks for the replay🙂🙏

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