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Hari bolLord Krishna loves everyone including non devotees too. When any bad condition comes , Krishna helps and guide his devotees. But when any non devotee undergo any bad condition, why Krishna don't guide and help them. For example some girls are victim of rape and acid attack especially .so why Krishna won't help them when they face these situation? He don't bother about them?

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  • Hare Krishna I understood. Thank you
  • Hare Krishna,

    Government protects law abiding citizens while those citizens not obeying the law are put in jail. Who is supposed to be blamed - government or citizen - for going to jail. Surely it is citizens mistake for going to jail One cannot blame the government. At the same time government is impartial to all citizens.It treats all of its citizens equally.

    Similarly Krishna protects law abiding devotees while the law disobeying non - devotees face the karmic reaction. One cannot blame Krishna for this. Krishna is equal to everybody. What are the spiritual laws one has to obey to become a devotee has been explained in scriptures.

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    GOod and bad situations happen to everyone, devotee or non devotee. It is based on our past karma. Therefore a victim of violence may be getting the fruits of some past karma or maybe this is the birth in which the karma has been meted out, the reaction will happen in same or some other birth. 

    Krsna's devotees also face a lot of challenges, in fact much more. They are able to overcome because of their faith in the lord. 

    Krsna bothers about each of us, across yonis. Thats why He is present with each soul in the  material world as supersoul. He allows us to do our karma and also allows us to get the results of our karma. 

    If we surrender to Him, then He takes away the results of our karma.


    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD

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