Lord nityananda

By the grace of nityananda prabhu we develop attraction for sri gauranga.Nityanand prabhu helps us consolidate the foundation on which we can progress further.His mercy sometimes exceeds the mercy of sri gauranga . He won't allow even those who want to avoid krsna consciousness to escape. If someone says "I don't want it", nityananda prabhu won't allow it. He will say " no! You must want it. I request you earnestly- take it. Use it ,and u will be able to feel the value of krsna consciousness". He used to roam here and there,rolling on dust with tears in his eyes saying "take the name of gauranga and I will be sold to you".By his mercy even the most fallen souls can attain the supreme goal. He is the most generous hearted aspect of guru tattva,so we must bow down our head unto him, accept his lotus feet and surrender to him.Wish u all a wonderful nityananda trayodasi.

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