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Haribol dear Devotees. Many of you might remember Prahbu /Bhakta Andrew from Poland who has been always a very hard-working, devoted and dedicated devotee.... he went a lot to serve at Harinam, helping in the temple and wherever he could... he would constantly chant Hare Krishna and be absorbed in the Love for the Lord, his family and friends... Unfortunately due to a tragic accident he is paralyzed and stays in a hospital in netherlands... His sisters are asking for donations to pay his medical bills and also his condition is not very good dince he cant speak or sing , cant eat proper food and is just generally in a very bad state... lets help this wonderful devotee and part of the Vaishnava family by donating and by praying for him!! Please... he really needs our support and help.. He has done SO much for ISKCON-London Radha-Krishna Temple and now i think it is tiime to give something back and to help him as much as we can! here is the gofundme link: please dont hesistate to ask any kind of questons if you have any concerns or doubts:

Thank you all so much in the name of Andrew and his family

Every little donation helps and will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you! Thank you ! Thank you!


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