List of Books to Read Advice?

Hare Krishna,


Within around 1 Year or more I have read Fully,  Bhagavatam (Prabhupada) + CC + NOD, I have also read almost all Prabhupada Books inc Brahma Samhita, Isopanishad. Teachings of Lord Chaitanya. And listened to all Prabhupada Lectures. I know many devotees have written Books. Now I am almost completed Jaiva Dharma of Narayana Maharaja (100 Pages left - Few chapters). 

I think this is topmost now, Jaiva-dharma in my opinion is the essence of ALL Prabhupada Teachings. Although I doubt I could understand it without reading list of SP Books.

What next now? I want advice from Devotee who read a lot of Books.. Narayana Maharaja, Sridhara Maharaja etc. In english Only Please!

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  • No answer? I guess i use my own mind then

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!


    I would recommend srila Prabhupada's biography and that of any other vaishnava you can find.

    plus prabhu ji, I'd say that completing all these books in such less time is an injustice to these books. if they were mundane books, then it would have been awesome! you can read so fast! but these books are so nectarean that devotees spend their whole lives studying them again and again! every single verse of these slokas should be meditated on for days!

    So, I would recommend you to read these books again and meditate on each verse because these scriptures should be relished not just read

    Hare Krishna!

    • And how do you know I didnt relish it.))? I will try to read Prabhupada biography. But I read 1000;s of letter from Vedabase. Hare Krishna!

      • actually in one hari katha I heard that you should read Chaitanya Charitamrit 10,000 times and only then can you relish some part of it. and I haven't read as much as you (even though I do like reading a lot) so you should know more, but aren't all scriptures having that much nectar?

        Hare Krishna!

    • I onlu read 1 hour per day or sometimes 2. Wasnt fast by any means. 

      • ok Prabhu ji... then it's fine... I'm sorry... everyone has their own speed and I guess I'm way too slow😅

        • I also WHILE reading listen to Prabhupada japa on Mp3. ))

        • I used to have full set of Bhagavatam years ago. Never read it was scared was too large, Then last year decided to start reading on tablet as not much space where I live. I have to say its much easier to read on tablet and as you can see the book phycially your mind doesnt register at the size of the book. Also reading half a chapter or 1 chapter is doeable. It doesnt take as long as you think it does to complete a book. I dont read fast its chapter or half a day only. I am actually a slow reader.

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