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Liability of Goseva (Cow Service)

Hare Krishna, Please accept my humble obeisances. All glorious to the Srilla Prabhupada.

Along with myself all the members of our family are beginners in Krishna Consciousness. Since, before my father's birth we have cows. We never considered cow as a Devi or Mother till coming to Krishna Consciowusness. But from 6 years we not sell any cow anymore. 

In previous days people are cultivate 1or 2 times but now they are doing 3times a year. So it is not easy to produce food for them at present.


Present Condition:

Now i am a student and i live town. My  father is almost 65 years old. He spend most of the times with them. It is also Truth that he has no personal interest with them.  As a result he couldn't engage himself in daily spiritual  activities. Even he couldn't chant his rounds regularly. I have no plan to back in village.

I am living in a Muslim majority country so if  i free them in the Name of Krishna then day someone cought them and sell them.


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  • Sevak

    Hare Krsna 

    My guess is your are in middle east, it is very likely that you are earning well.

    I am not sure how many cows you have, but if it is not many, then you could appoint a person for taking care of them and pay that person. You could keep the cows in your own place in village.

    If you have many many cows find some goshala to which you can donate the cows and also pay them for maintenance of your cows. 

    This may lighten you pocket for now, buy this deed will make you very very wealthy for many many lifetimes. I would advise you not to be shortsighted and think long-term many many lives ahead.

    Hare Krsna

  • I would view the cows you have with equanimity, they are a Jiva, you are a Jiva, they have the Supersoul within, you have the Supersoul within.. so treat them as you would a dear friend, they are innocent. Unless they can be properly cared for by someone, I would not leave them behind with anyone you don't fully trust. There are many cows who are the purest devotees of Krishna as well, so we must give cows the highest respects. Take some time to find a decent place, for the cows, giving proper instructions to the person that you leave them with, making sure that they will be fully cared for, or stay back with them until you find such a place or person for them is my advice. Even if you have to stay back with them for a long time, that may be the better option, because they are part of your family since they are part of Krishna's family and you are an Eternal Hare Krishna, so treat them like your own brothers and sisters. There is nothing more important than Loving others, and sometimes we have to make difficult but right decisions to do so, renouncing the material world. Hare Krishna, and thank you for being so caring.

    • Hare Krishna, Prabhu. Yes i can personally feel their love towards me. it's looking nice but question is giving priority. i couldn't support them better. So, i feel it like an offence. Also my father is not feel like me.

      Arranging or creating a Service is most difficult one . It needs support. Otherwise it will be just disturbance. 


      Please share your feeling, ideas,Prabhu.

      • The most important thing is that their basic needs are met. As long as that is there, and they are safe from any sort of mistreatment or abuse they should be fine. So if you need to leave the village you could donate them to someone you or your father trusts, and have them take care of them. The most important thing is that they are not ever killed, are well fed, and are not milked against their will. If you can find someone respectful enough to take care of them, I would go for it. That is what I think so far. Hare Krishna.

        • Thanks Prabhu.

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