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    hare krsna people.............

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  • Hare Krsna!

    As Rashmi mataji said Listen more.
    Pray to Krsna every day.
    You get what you give so treat devotees how you want to be treated and see what happens.
    Serve devotees and be a devotee. Have that type of connection. Friends are not just those who give us pleasure. Real connection is the bhakti connection. CC is all about that. Watch how advanced devotees deal and copy.
    Let us know how you go:)


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    In the reality Krishna appears in our life as everyone who surround us.

    He appears as our husband, mother, father, siblings, friends, relatives...

    It is not that all these people are Krishna, but it is that without the sanction of Krishna none of us are able to love or hae someone.

    Or do something without His sanction for that.

    So only by the mercy and grace of the Lord we may love some people and some people may love us.

    Krishna gives and inspires parents to take care of their child. In this way He - Krishna cares of that child.

    He gives motherly love so that mother love her child and give protection to that small living being. 

    So root of all relationships is Krishna.

    So if we cultivate good relationship with Him all other relationships will be perfect.

    When we chant our 16 rounds attentively - our heart will be changed. It will become soft.

    And when we have soft heart we will be loved by other living beings.

    Because person with soft heart is compassionate. His or her life she or he uses for making others happy out of great compassion.

    So Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita for a Devotee everyone is dear and everyone considers him very dear. Devotee is loved by everyone. He does not have enemies.

    Another thing is service.

    If we have service attitude we won't be alone, never. 

    So service to Vaishnavas, then comes taste for the Holy Names, then our heart will be softened in this way we will be compassionate to other living beings - Jiva Doya.

    One more thing i forgot:

    Relationships always should be cultivated. It is life being in the river. River flows but if we do not swim we automatically go back so in order to swim to our destination we have always to swim - do actions.

    So there are 6 types of loving exchange which can cultivate our relationships with others:

    1. offering food

    2. accepting food

    3. offering gifts

    4. accepting gifts

    5. opening our hearts

    6. listening the hearts.

    Your servant, 

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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Why dont people like to talk to one person? THat person should ideally introspect and try to figure out why no one likes to talk to them. Most people like to talk and want someone to listen. Maybe this person can learn the art of listening actively, such that the people who are talking to them get the impression that they are having a meaningful conversation.

    Not having any friends - some people take it as a blessing, esp once they come to spiritual life. They are not distracted by multiple friends and commitments, and can concentrate on devotional activities. Actually, we all have only one friend - Krsna. He is with us as supersoul throughout our journey in the material world, watching over us and guiding us only when we turn to Him.

    Having said that, I would still introspect why nobody likes to talk to me. Until I reach the stage of brahma bhuta prassanatma, I will be making friends in my spiritual journey also. Others in the congregation are also fallen souls like me, they would also be suffering from material contamination. They will also make friends with like minded sadhakas. If I do not arrive at what is wrong in the way I deal with people, I will make the same mistakes in the devotee congregation and this can in fact prove to be a hindrance in my spiritual progress.

    I have given two radically different takes on the same thing - take your pick.


    Your servant,


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