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Hare krishna,PAMHO

             I have been Wondering about this Question since long . As Krishna has many Relationships with Jeevas like santha, dasya,sakhya,Vatslya & Madhurya. Say he is as a Small child with Mother Yashoda

,then will he be simuntaniuosly be there as a small boy in sakhya bhav with Gopa boys and also as  a 

16 0r 20 year old Youth with the gopis . I really want to Know How it is there ?

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In the spiritual world, Krishna expands Himself into millions and millions of Krishnas, so he can have all those relationships you are talking about with all His devotees.

Just as, in Dhwaraka, He expanded Himself into 16,108 Krishnas, so He could be the husband to each of His wives.

Lovely philosophy.


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