• Might I suggest the study of the Tao-/way of the nature? This Way is unconditional loving energies exchanged w/faith for the sake of greater good. Become this hero in Nature's Grace & as your appliance of energies grow your prayers will take on more & more meaning this is remembered by the opulent raw of unconditional love. As fruits soon are manifest universally. This External energetic Swag of the Supreem is not to be feared unnecessarily ? & as yoga is generally practised Selflissly I.e. w/out expected a particular result) ggenerally, The Tao/way) of truth can be expected to work in delivering a better karmic result(s) Krishna is opulent as is Ballarama for most of the do gooders yet we find ourselves scrabbling to demonstrate on empty stomachs?
  • The mind is main thing when consciousness is the subject.

    No matter in what relationship with God you have, and no matter what you physically do, if you dont think on Him or remember Him, in another words occupying your mind with Him, there is no Krishna consciousness.

    Serving with body and words are needed only because  helping in the mission of occupying mind, which make devotee having Krishna consciousness.

    Only trough the activities of the mind the material consciousness can be changed.

    Despite being married, having husbands and kids, living ordinary family life, Gopis attained Krishna consciosness because thinking on their beloved lover Krishna.

     When the man fell in love with the girl, he thinks on her no matter what he do, similar to that , Gopis fell in love with beautiful Krishna and their mind were intensively occupied with Him, despite family and house activities.

    Even sinful demon like Kamsa having Krishna consciousness attained highest abode, just by intensive thinking on Him in a fear from the Lord.

    This is example how any living entity, even without any education, knowledge, austerity ... can attain Lord.

    Occupying mind means remembering,thinking, focusing, meditating.

    The more you occupy the mind with the Lord, His pastimes, His names and glories,..the more you will have Krishna consciousness, otherwise not even for a second.  Thats my  opinion.



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  • Prabhupada: Hm, that is part of Krishna consciousness, brahma bhutahReal Krishna consciousness is: "Krishna is master, I am servant." This is Krishna consciousness.

    Visala: To understand that you're the servant and Krishna is the master. I see.

    Prabhupada: When you fully understand, that is Krishna conscious. (break) So long you think that "I can also become like Krishna," then you are not Krishna conscious.

    Visala: In other words, if you still have material desires you can't be fully Krishna conscious.

    Prabhupada: Yes. That is the beginning of Krishna consciousness, anyabhilasita-sunyamMake all your material desires zero.

    Visala: Thank you very much.

    PrabhupadaThat is Krishna conscious. You should only desire to serve Krishna. (break) ...clear or not?

    [Above he was saying if we think "I can become like Krishna, then you are not Krishna Conscious", this means anything we do separate from satisfying Krishna is fruitive activity and hence this mentality means we are thinking that by doing something for our own benefit means we have other desires than to serve Krishna, which means we think we are master and not servant of Krishna. This consciousness is easy to attain, only for a pure devotee]

    Visala: Very clear. Thank you very much.

    Harikesa: What if a person doesn't desire material enjoyment, but still, there is so much dirt?

    Prabhupada: Hm? Who is that person who has no material desires?

    Harikesa: A person really wants to be Krishna conscious, but somehow or another, so much dirt gets in the way.

    Prabhupada: Yes. Dirt means it is not yet zero. I said that all material desires should be made zero. Anyabhilasita-sunyam.

    Harikesa: As soon as the desires completely change, then everything else is purified.

    Prabhupada: Yes. As Arjuna said, karisye vacanam tava, nasto mohah: "Now my illusion is over. I agree to act as you say." This is Krishna conscious. Nasto mohah smrtir labdha tvat prasadan madhusudana. (break) The moha is there. Moha means these desires are illusion, like dreaming. In dream we see so many things. They are all false. In dreaming I am seeing that somebody is coming to kill me but there is nobody, but still, I am dreaming. This is called mohaSo when one is free from moha, then he's Krishna conscious. The whole material world is going on under such illusion. Therefore it is called maya. Hare Krishna.

    Thank you. (end)

  • hare krishna...

    its a oneword answer, just u surrender to krishna. for surrender ur self to him u have to understand him read him, recite him,see him on the whole be with him..... try to follow the pious path kept by him... follow krishna ....then u will be in krishna follow him u have leave the materialistic things...and ideas. don hurt any one may its a animal or a human.dont speak bad about others.look laugh with others but never laugh at others.try to help someone who not weak than u.krishna is every where  in this world,so try to accept the world first... absorb only gudness in others....and u be gud and kind to others ... krishna resides there wer his devotees help some one who are in need...and in kaliyug u can reach him and be in his consciousness only by doin keertans,bajans,and chanting his names everytime u sit, stand ,sleep ,wake,its not only u who will be pleased or blessed by krishna even the whole living entity surrounded by u will be blessed.

    try to read bagvat gita,and ramayanam and bagavatam any who we have in english and many other languages what ever the language u prefer,purports will be given. try learn bagavad gita by some guru who teaches it.

    enjoy the prescence of him....

    hopefully i've answered to ur question this is point of view and opinion towards krishna,i've answered u to the extent wat knowledge i have by krishna's grace.if any queries here is my number 9740052646 and here is my email

    hare krishna....

  • Very nyc....thnx a lot
  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Mataji,


    To be in Krsna Consciousness every second - one has to do all activities to please the lord. Chant the lord's names, do arati, read scriptures like Gita and Srimad Bhagawatam, cook for KRsna, offer bhoga with love, sing bhajans when He is accepting bhoga, eat remnants of mahaprasad remembering the lord, listen to lectures, watch abhisheks, temple openings, lectures on Youtube, discuss Krsna's pastimes with friends and relatives. Associate only with devotees, think and talk only of Krsna. Do abhishek of your deities with love and care with as much frequency as you can - ranging from twice a day to once in 2 weeks, depending on time available.

    The more you can do the above mentioned, the more time a day you are spending in Krsna Consciousness.

    The other way is to follow Haridas Thakura - chant 192 rounds of mahamantra, which is 3,00,000 names of the lord everyday. This will take you only 22 hours in a day initially.


    YOur servant,


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